Saturday Collection: Fantastic Gifts, Holiday Beauty Tips, The Grammys & More!

Are you feeling the holiday vibes (craziness) yet? The joy is definitely in the air for many. The most stressful part of the season is coming up with thoughtful ideas for gifts. Secret Santa plans are in full effect and your plans should be too. Look no further, we’ve got it all under control. For the foodie in your life, go for a useful gift and for the thrifter a new Levi 501 jeans might do the trick. While you’re at it don’t forget about your holiday makeup look. Meanwhile, some conversation starters such as The Grammy Awards and the predicted color of 2017 are sure to stir up some interesting talk while you’re attending all those get-togethers.

The Foodie Fanatic
It’s hard to shop for the foodie in your life. We know! What do you get them? A cookbook; very cliché. They’re already knowledgeable about flavors and tastes. Go for a thoughtful and stylish gift that they can use in the kitchen while cooking.

Levi 501 Jeans
There is nothing more exciting than finding a perfect pair of Levi 501 jeans at the thrift store. It makes for the perfect shopping experience. The thrifter in your life appreciates individual statement pieces. Look no further; Levi has finally released another line of their Levi 501 denim bottoms.

Holiday Makeup
The holidays = holiday parties. While thinking about what to wear, you can’t forget about your makeup. Whether you’re going for a bare face look or some glitter on your lids, there is no better time of the year to experiment with some new highlights and eyeliners.

Black Mirror
Model Deddah Howard has had it with the lack of diversity in the fashion world. She recreated multiple iconic looks that featured models such as Kendall Jenner and Candice Swanepoel for her new photo series titled “Black Mirror.” The series highlights the true lack of colored models that are used for photo shoots or hired at agencies. Check out the series and let us know what you think.

Christmas Cards from Your iPhone
Think it’s too late to send out Christmas and holiday cards? Christmas is in a little more than two weeks, but you haven’t run out of time yet. The new iPhone 7 has the ability to take professional looking pictures and with Christmas card apps, you can have your cards sent out as early as next week.

The Grammy Awards
Holiday season can certainly lead to meeting new people. Starting a conversation is the most awkward part, so begin with something everyone might be into—music. The Grammy nominations are in and have stirred up some interesting chatter on social media. Start there and let the rest of the conversation guide you.

The Color of the Year
Pantone has hinted at what their color of the year is for 2017 and it’s giving us hope! The company revealed that it would have to do with the color green, which is the internal color for hope. It seems that after the wild election the company is trying to make things a little bit easier on all of us.

The merriest of bar crawls is happening this weekend in Manhattan, New York, and their route has finally been revealed. SantaCon will start and stay in Midtown and Downtown Manhattan this year instead of spreading out to the other boroughs like previous years.

By Destiny Butler and Kayla Lupoli | Photo: YHM Magazine Archive

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