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Saturday Collection: Brain Food, Constellation Manicures, Snapchat’s Spectacles & More!

Saturday Collection: Brain Food, Constellation Manicures, Snapchat’s Spectacles & More!

  • Written by Destiny Butler and Kayla Lupoli

The holiday season is officially in swing. Whether you’re in college and cramming for finals or gearing up to make a career promotion proposal to your supervisor, we’ve got you covered to just chill out. This season is crazy enough without professional and academic stress. Go for delicious and memory boosting brain food for finals week and Hershey’s new cookie bar is sure to ease in the outcome of any career decision. Drop the emotions and take time out for yourself with a mini manicure, Snapchat’s Spectacles, and more.

The Best Brain Foods
It’s time to focus for those finals. The light at the end of the tunnel is finally in sight. What better way to enhance that focus than with brain food? Foods like salmon, walnuts and more will assist with your laser focus and acing your finals.

National Cookie Day
If you didn’t already know, National Cookie Day is on December 4. Hershey’s has rolled out a new cookie! Yes, we said it; Cookie! It’s actually a cookie bar—Cookie Layer Crunch Bars. They are heavenly cookies covered in Hershey’s chocolate.

A Makeover for Ken
Moschino gave Barbie and Ken a makeover—a first for the male doll! Designer Jeremy Scott modeled their new look after his date at the 2015 MTV Music Awards which featured a Moschino velvet dress with graffiti. The dolls are available in a gift set on and on for purchase.

Manicure Trends
We’re always looking for a new way to make a statement with our nails. People notice them and they make for a great conversation starter (as I’ve experienced). What’s hot now is constellation manicures. They are simple designs that replicate stars and constellations of course. Simple yet totally chic.

Snapchat’s Spectacles
Snap Inc. has released a new product called Spectacles. The Spectacles are sunglasses that are meant to record videos for Snapchat. It’s like you’re living in the snaps you take. The videos are circular and eye level. You’ll immediately know who on your Snapchat feed has purchased them.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
Airing on December 5 at 10 p.m. EST on CBS, this year’s fashion show is going to be super exciting! Everyone from Kendall Jenner to Joan Smalls will be modeling their fabulous lingerie. Although they have freakishly perfect bodies, it’s okay for a girl to dream right?

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