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The Best Girl Power Songs Ever!

The Best Girl Power Songs Ever!

  • Written by Ashley DeLuce

Who Run the World? GIRLS! Whether it’s at the gym or after a bad breakup every girl needs a power anthem! And we got just the playlist (and videos) you need to feel the power today. Here’s what readers like you are listening to.

Paige Carey, 21

“Any Beyonce song inspires me. I love “Pretty Hurts” because it’s what female empowerment is about!”

Kristin Poisler, 21

“My new go to song is “Cannonball” by Lea Michele. She has been through so much and I find her to be inspirational.”

Emily Ennis, 20

“Anything Britney Spears. Especially old school Britney. She was flawless.”

YHM has put together a playlist of empowering female songs to get you through nearly anything. What songs do you listen to for motivation? Subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out the full playlist here!

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