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The Rainy Day Playlist You Need to Unwind

The Rainy Day Playlist You Need to Unwind

The Perfect Playlist You Need to Unwind on Rainy Days

Occasionally, rainy days can instill a sense of lethargy, coaxing a desire for nothing more than uninterrupted slumber. There is never telling when you will find a storm creeping up on you—be it spring, summer, autumn, or winter. On such occasions, it’s only appropriate to curl up with a cup of coffee, put on a chill playlist, and patiently wait it out.

Oh, lacking a chill playlist? Serendipity is on your side because we’ve curated a playlist tailored for these moments. Whether you’re using this as background music to read your favorite book, do some laundry, or gaze wistfully out a window and pretend you’re in a coming-of-age movie, this 60-song-long playlist is multifunctional.

The #YHMRainyDay playlist spans across genres. It boasts selections from indie faves such as Peach Pit and Hippo Campus, low-key pop stars like One Direction and Harry Styles, and timeless classics from the likes of Elton John and Sade.

Stay sheltered from the rain and take advantage of our #YHMRainyDay playlist to instill a sense of calm. Let us know which songs are your favorite via Instagram.

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