Social Media Reacts to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ Historic Win

Relief, joy, and humor soared from neighborhood to neighborhood on November 7 as news broke that Former Vice President Joe Biden had won the 2020 Presidential election. The nation seamlessly began relishing in Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris’s historic win. President-elect Biden took to Twitter to celebrate his victory and reminded us that he will be “president for all Americans,” whether you voted for him or not. It’s a refreshing sentiment, and it’s undoubtedly the message needed for a country that stands divided on many issues.

This win made many people hope again. This win pushed America forward. This win will forever be a #moment. Vice President-elect Harris made history as the first Black person, first South-Asian person, and the first woman to become Vice President of the United States.

The announcement of this election was met with vibrant cheers, tears of joy, and car honks. And thanks to social media, we can all attend the party from New York City to Philadelphia to Los Angeles to Houston.

Congratulations, Joe and Kamala!

Photo by Geoff Livingston