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10 Skincare Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

10 Skincare Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

When we think of splurging on skincare, our minds first go to moisturizers, masks, or mists, but what about skincare tools? Your skincare routine, morning or night, is only as good as the gadgets you invest in. If you include a few skincare gadgets into your daily routine or weekly self-care treatment, you’ll see results that serums and scrubs alone cannot produce.

These top ten tools target a range of problems, from aging to acne, to ensure everyone can find their proper solution. These all work on any skin type, but have specific intentions and goals for the face, like hydration, exfoliation, extraction, and more.

Heyday Ice Roller

Keep your skin calm, cool, and collected with this Ice Roller from Heyday. Icing is a known anti-inflammatory regimen to treat swollen injuries, so why not apply the same concept to our faces when we wake up with a little extra puffiness? If it’s inflammation from a breakout or morning under eyes that has you concerned, this handheld ice roller is the perfect solution. All this toll needs is a bit of time in the freezer—then you’re ready to let the good times roll.

Sephora Collection 4 Piece Facial Razor Set

One thing we can truly thank quarantine for is popularizing many at-home facial treatments, which prominently includes dermaplaning. Although this practice has been done at spas prior to 2020, we are now seeing an increase in women shaving their faces at home since a spa day wasn’t an option. Dermaplaning will soften the skin by improving texture because it removes peach fuzz and dead skin cells. This Sephora Collection 4 Piece Facial Razor Set is great as a value pack and it is sustainably packaged as well.

Vanity Planet Raedia Facial Cleansing Brush

If you’re looking for an easy way to step up your daily skincare routine, look no further because the Vanity Planet Raedia set starts at the core of skincare: cleansing. Using our hands to cleanse our faces can only do so much on the surface level, whereas a facial cleansing brush is able to utilize a textured brush and speed to truly get rid of makeup or buildup from the day. The Raedia set features three types of brush heads that are hypoallergenic and non-abrasive for even those with sensitive skin. It also has dual-speed for a variety of cleansing and exfoliating.

Dr. Dennis Gross Pro Facial Steamer

Sometimes, we all feel the need to splurge a little on ourselves, and skincare can have the best investment return when it comes to aging. Dr. Dennis Gross is a skincare legend and was featured as one of New York Magazine’s Best Doctors for his expertise in skin health. Steaming the face allows enlarged pores to be detoxified, purified, and hydrated from the vaporized water particles. Using this Pro Facial Steamer even just one to two times a week can help with anti-aging by providing a soft, subtle glow to the skin.

LUX SKIN LED Facial Mask

LED facial masks typically go for hundreds to thousands of dollars on the market, but this one by LUX SKIN is the best budget-friendly of them all–and still provides the same benefits. The wireless mask features three different light color settings, making it easy to use and wear. The red light helps with anti-aging because of the stimulation of collagen and elastin. The blue light treats acne and blemishes, as it produces oxygen radicals that kill the bacteria causing breakouts. The yellow light boosts lymphatic flow and increases the creation of new skin cells.

PMD Classic Personal Microderm Device

If you’ve never heard of microdermabrasion before or never thought it was possible to do from the comfort of your own home, you’ve come to the right place. Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive process in which the top layer of skin is removed to refine the overall look and feel of the face. This device is a chemical-free exfoliant that goes 800% deeper than a scrub and helps with hyperpigmentation, acne and scarring, dullness, and elasticity.

DERMAFLASH DERMAPORE Ultrasonic Pore Extractor & Serum Infuser

Looking for a deeper clean regular cleansers or brushes can’t provide? That’s where the Dermapore Ultrasonic Pore Extractor comes into play. Using ultrasonic technology, this gadget’s rounded spatula shape allows for even the smallest of crevices to be purged of dirt, oil, and blackheads. It’s also a serum infusing device, which lets the ingredients of your skincare products penetrate deeper into the skin for a more brilliant and healthy complexion.

The Amethyst Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool

Gua Shas are massage tools that implement an ancient Chinese healing technique of circulation therapy, which stimulates blood flow to reduce inflammation. By rubbing this tool on the face in upward motions, the gua sha breaks up the stagnant energy, or chi, to promote healthy skin. This product is even more beneficial when paired with your favorite serum to further work the ingredients into the skin for a toned, firm, and radiant appearance.

Nurse Jamie Beauty Stamp Micro-Exfoliation Tool

This unique, limited edition skincare instrument by the one and only Nurse Jamie is a non-invasive, micro-exfoliating Beauty Stamp that introduces us to the “press & lift” process. This action gently exfoliates the skin while pressing our skincare products deeper into the skin. For even better results, Nurse Jamie recommends using this tool with her EGF Botanical Complex Moisturizing Serum for a more youthful complexion.

NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device

Coming in at the most expensive gadget on the list, the NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device truly puts its money where its mouth is. The skincare community raves about the product and deems it “worth every penny.” This skincare indulgence visibly improves the skin with its toning powers of facial contour that reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in an instant. The microcurrent treatment is like a mini facelift at home.

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