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10 Trendy DIY Hairstyles for All Hair Types

10 Trendy DIY Hairstyles for All Hair Types

When we think of beauty, skincare and makeup are the first things that come to mind. We try new products and gadgets for skincare. We experiment with different eyeshadow palettes or lip shades for makeup. But what about our hair? If quarantine has taught us anything, it’s that we can be our own esthetician and makeup artist, so why not be our own hairstylist too?

These ten trendy hairstyles are completely DIY, easy to be done from the comfort of your home with only a few products and tools needed. You’ll have fun discovering styles for all hair types, and don’t worry, there are guides for the more detailed looks.

Bubble Braid

Extremely low-maintenance and easy to do, the bubble braid has made a massive comeback all over social media in a ponytail, pigtail, and half-up half-down form. This hairstyle is a quick way to spice up your usual dry shampooed, third-day hair for some extra volume and flare. This look can be done with medium to long hair in high or low ponytails, sleek or messy, or even in pigtails. All you need to do is place a few hair ties a couple of inches apart from one another to create the bubbles.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots originated from Zulu, South Africa. The hair is sectioned off, wrapped, and twisted to form spiral knots. This protective hairstyle for Black and African-Americans requires little manipulation to the natural hair to create it, as well as little to no daily retouching of the tucked-away strands. Once the hair is cleaned and sectioned off, you can either twist each section or do a two-strand twist if your hair easily tangles. It’s helpful to keep a spray bottle of water nearby to more easily control the hair when styling.

Knotless Braids

If you’re looking for a hairstyle with minimal tension and straightforward manageability, then knotless braids are for you. Some braid styles can be uncomfortable due to their tension and tightness, but this protective hairstyle weaves braids into the natural root of the hair without starting at the scalp. This is great for protecting the hair without causing damage, which allows it to grow. The braids vary in length, thickness, and color, making them customizable to you and your liking. Their prices can differ based on all of these factors, so it is good to do your research and contact your local salon or try it at home, but many assure that it is well worth every penny.

Braid Accents

Incorporating braids is a great way to add dimension and detail to your natural hair. Little front accent braids have been popping up all over social media as a way to create hints of texture to straight, curly, long, or short hair. For even more fun, the little braids can extend beyond the front and be done in pairs or multiples, spaced out evenly. Thin, clear hair ties are the best option when recreating this look, as they will blend into the hair without being bulky or noticeable.

Claw Clip Updo

It wouldn’t be a trendy hairstyle article without mention of the infamous claw clip. The accessory popped off in 2020 and This wouldn’t be a trendy hairstyle article without the mention of the infamous claw clip. The accessory popped off in 2020 and certainly is not going anywhere for now. This is by far the least complicated hairstyle of the bunch that only needs a simple twist of the hair and a clip to hold it up. The size of the claw clip will vary based on the thickness of your hair, but shorter to medium hair length is best for achieving the updo. If you have long hair, social media provides tips and tricks for all hair lengths from short to long.

Defined Ringlets

Kinky, curly hairs tend to have a mind of their own, but you can tame your mane with some products so you can step out of your comfort zone and rock your natural hair with confidence. To get ultra-defined ringlets, use a curl definer or gel to lock curls into place all day and night.

Little Pigtails

Remember the days your mother would part your hair down the middle and sweep both sides up with your favorite hair ties? Well, it looks like those days are back and better than ever. Half-up half-down pigtails are the upgraded version we’ve seen all over Instagram from celebrities and influencers alike. This look can be as polished and smooth or as messy and wispy as you’d like.

Butterfly Locs

A variant of faux locs, butterfly locs are distressed, unraveled-looking braids that get wrapped loosely into the hair using a crochet method. It is important to note that this hairstyle does not hurt the scalp because the method is tensionless. These braids can vary in length and color, and the price will reflect the desired outcome. You can go to a salon to get this done, though many social media influencers prove that DIY is always an option, and you can use step-by-step guides online.

Mermaid Waves

Add some volume to your hair and try out a beachy, mermaid hairstyle. Depending on the outcome look you want, a waver gives a tighter, more defined crimped look, whereas a curling iron, using the right method, provides a looser, more shaken-out wave. This hairstyle can be done on a variety of hair types and hair lengths. Don’t forget to lock it in with your favorite holding hairspray, so the waves can ride out all day or night.

Jumbo Senegalese Twists

A fairly simple and quick hairstyle, jumbo Senegalese twistA fairly simple and quick hairstyle, jumbo Senegalese twists can be done from the comfort of your home with some rubber bands. Although this hairstyle is not as long-lasting as some others, for the time that it takes to do it on your own, it evens out for the perfect look. All you need are some smaller hair ties, a pack of pre-stretched braiding hair, a comb to section, and gel to prep the roots. Once each section has its piece of hair attached and gets twisted together, you can apply mousse to tame any flyaways.

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