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5 Sustainable Athleisure Brands You Should Shop Now

Athleisure outfits will support you in all its sweat-wicking and stretchable glory. Our guide to the best eco-friendly athleisure brands will allow you to have it all: comfort, style, and sustainability. Think dreamy pastel sets made with ultra-soft fabrics for everybody and every price point. Being nice to the environment never looked and felt so good.

Laura Henshaw: How to Find Self-Confidence and Learn from Failures

When a young woman embraces herself in both mind and body the possibilities of her success are endless. Laura Henshaw, the co-creator of the trendy new protein powder Four Protein, shares her incredible journey to total self-confidence. Henshaw is big on healthy living and natural energy foods but positive energy from others and hit songs from music icons like Beyoncé and Rihanna are also a part of her healthy lifestyle. “Seeing how hard other people work for their goals and dreams is a huge driver for me.” The 23-year-old model and fitness guru is at the brink of her entrepreneurial game and her grit for sharing what she knows and loves with others is just our luck. YHM: How did you come up with the idea to not only start her own company but break into the health and food industry? Laura Henshaw: I was so sick of all the protein powders available on the market that were either bland or grainy but healthy or delicious but full of artificial junk. I wanted to create …