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You Glow Girl; Get Sun-kissed Skin in Time for Spring

With spring arriving just around the corner, it’s time to try out some of the season’s hottest makeup trends. Some of our favorite trends include soft berry lips, bright orange-red lipstick and sun-kissed, glowing skin. To create a healthy glow from within, brush a little bit of bronzer to the hollow of your cheeks and around your face in a “3” shape. Bronzer brings warmth to your face and immediately awakens dull looking skin. Sometimes we need a little help during the winter months considering the sun likes to make special appearances. If you’re looking for an affordable bronzer from the drugstore, try the e.l.f Studio Bronzer, $3 or Milani Baked Bronzer Press Powder, $8.49. If you want something a little higher end, go for the NARS Matte Multiple in Vientiane, $39. By Sarah Jaihe Lee

Warmin’ Red

A new trend this Fall is steamy, inviting eyes. Who wouldn’t want to hold a captivating gaze? To achieve this look, a warm, hot color like red, may be used as eyeshadow above or below the eye to fire up that stare you’re looking for. It’s quite simple to keep from overdoing it; you can tell when it looks just right and when it starts to look a little too uh, fiery. Have fun! By Carolyn Gladd

Fall (even more) in Love with Flannel

With things like football season, pumpkin picking (yes we still do that), and camping-filled weekends ahead of us, we’re going to need the perfect wardrobe item that’s equal parts snug and stylish to keep us warm on those chilly autumn days and nights. Now, who says flannel has to automatically conjure up thoughts of Nirvana-inspired grunge and scrunchies a la (there are really way too many references we could make here)? We get nostalgia and all but c’mon, when were mom jeans ever actually cute? We say throw out those stereotypes and hype up your fall style with this eternally fashionable piece that’s going to look cute, casual, chic, and oh-so fabulous, all at once! That’s right, we said it. We’re throwing tons of ways to wear this versatile piece this season your way and we know you’re going to love ’em. So dive in, find your fave style, and rock the look with Cher Horowitz-esque confidence (Clueless anyone?!). The 90’s may be well in the past but who doesn’t love a good comeback?! Even …

The Flashback Fashion Trend

A curious thing happened the other day–we walked past a store window and could’ve sworn the mannequin stole a look directly off of a character in the beloved 90s sitcom Friends. Dressed in a plaid shirtdress and combat boots, the window display provided a blast from the past. Plaid may seem like a trend reserved for the chillier seasons, but this year it decided to make an early comeback, and we’re welcoming it with open arms. So let us attempt a bold 90s redo, shall we? Begin this outfit with a plaid shirtdress. What is wonderful about such a dress is that it can easily be worn year round: left as-is in the summer, then paired with tights or a leather jacket in the cooler months. Continue this look with rugged combat boots, a 90s staple that gives serious edge to the outfit. This hip outfit is perfect for trying out the latest funky trend in eyewear: round glasses. These sunglasses are stylish, fun, and avoid making you look like Harry Potter (not that looking …

Button Me Classy

It’s time to acknowledge the trend that has never let us down throughout the decades: button-ups. Seen at concerts, on beaches, in the offices  and on fashion runways, the versatile button-up never fails to make any outfit look fresh. By Carolyn Gladd