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In the Land of Layers

As fall approaches, you may be finding yourself torn between putting away some of your favorite summer pieces you’ve been wearing religiously for the past four months and covering up to combat the definite chill that has started to course through the air (and your clothes!). The solution is simple and allows you to get the best of both worlds. Welcome to the world of layering. Don’t be afraid to throw on that simple white v-neck or surfer-style tank top in the colder months of fall. Leave these pieces in your wardrobe as the base layers of your more bundled up look. We’ve provided you with some of our favorite base pieces and how to pair them with what’s to come in the upcoming season. Like we said before, tank tops and simple tees can take part in more than one season, and layering them with the right colder-weather clothes makes all the difference. You’ll stand out as someone who knows how to pair summer with fall and the unexpected with the necessary. Take your …

Back to School Fashion Day Two: Flower Power

Welcome to Day Two of Weekly Wear’s Back to School Special, where each day we will be revealing a new look with individual pieces priced at $50 or less. Today’s theme: flowers! Before we get to the floral loveliness of this outfit, let’s start with a simple white sweater. Add some excitement and freshness to the outfit with a pair of floral jeggings. They’ll certainly make your day a little brighter! For a casual twist, match any color in the jeggings with a colorful pair of sneakers. Have a blast accessorizing with whatever shade suits your mood! You can match your sneakers or draw from a different shade in the floral printed pants. Ta-da! Now you’re set to saunter around school with epic flower power. As always, hope we inspired you to create a feminine, flowery outfit that you will show off at school. And if someone asks where you got it from, make sure you mention your favorite online fashion magazine! By Casey Gale

Sweater Weather

As the title implies, the time to bundle up (ever-so-slightly, of course–we know it’s only going onSeptember, after all) is right around the corner. With fall comes new scents, sports seasons, and of course, styles! One thing some may find hard to handle is the transition from the laid back season that is summer into the more put-together time of year that is autumn. This season calls for more dark-wash jeans (nicely tailored of course), crisp button-down shirts, and the particularly easy-chic piece to take on: the sweater. To some the idea of a sweater for a man may seem old-fashioned or too dressy. Well newsflash guys: it’s time to dress like the men you are. No longer are flip flops a year-round footwear choice. (But were they ever, really?) No more are the dozens of ironic and sports-themed t-shirts and tattered sweatshirts some blindly choose to wear every day. It’s time for a more sophisticated wardrobe and with fall coming up, the sweater is the perfect place to start. This piece pulls together even …