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Trendy Overalls; Build Your Perfect Look

Whether you dress them up or dress them down, overalls add a unique flare to any outfit. If this trendy piece can be featured in Alexander Wang’s runway show then it can definitely serve as a staple piece for your ensemble. Build an outfit around these boyfriend cut bleached denim overalls. Its worn look will give your outfit a vintage feel. Add a white button up blouse for a more conservative look. Dress up the outfit with this black and white striped structured blazer with gold accents for a hint of sophistication. For a pop of color throw on these yellow pumps. Not only do these add a vibrant shade but they give your outfit a sexy touch. Finish off your look with this thick gold triple chain necklace that you can wear under the collar of your buttoned blouse for a fun twist. Now you’ve successfully dressed up that old pair of denim overalls and you can go out on the town with your sexy stylish new look. But remember if anyone asks where you got your look from remember to mention your …

Couture Fashion Week; Blooming New Ensembles

The Spring 2014 Couture Fashion Week was budding with new trends that will wrestle with your thoughts of elegance and cultural statements. Our lucky fashion night out featured the beautiful garments of TeKay Designs, LaPearl and Alexandra Popescu-York. Walking into the New Yorker Hotel the runway war had already began with fashion goers competing for attention in their quintessential attires. From glossy stitches to futuristic ensembles everyone got a little taste of the supermodel lifestyle. Photographers huddled along the runway for anyone willing to take center stage. As the chatter grew louder the lights dimmed; ultimately summoning everyone’s glare to the runway for the real divas. The night’s fashion allure tangled with ostentatious tailoring to essential and casual pieces. Check out someone of our favorite designs. Which one do you dare to rock? TeKay Designs LaPearl Alexandra Popescu-York By Yegide Matthews Photos: YHM Magazine Archive