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Celebrate Printed Leggings Another Season

With the potential of becoming cosigned to oblivion or short-lived to the fashion world after some time in the spotlight, leggings stood their ground in remaining inaudibly relevant. From stripes, to floral and random graphics far from typical, the edge that printed leggings bring to our wardrobe continues to capture our hearts and makes us look effortlessly fabulous. With spring around the corner, the thought on everyone’s mind is, “which trends will be hot and which will not?” Undoubtedly, printed leggings will present another appearance in the upcoming season. Below are a few looks that you can break into when you’re ready to ditch your denim obsession. Get fun and playful with cartoon inspired leggings. Stand out in these stars and stripes print leggings! Floral leggings are flirty and girly, which brings a feminine vibe to your outfit. These bold colored leggings with yellow and black leopard print and monochrome letters at the bottom would be great with a pair of sneakers for a sporty look. Overall, printed leggings are fun versatile pieces to have in your wardrobe. …

Workplace Flair

When working in an office, many people believe that they have to stick to the same drab two-piece suits that have been worn by professionals for years. Black, grey, and navy are staple colors within a professional setting that people feel most comfortable in. Some may feel stifled by this status quo, but more and more people are finding ways to step out of the traditional and throw some sass into their wardrobe. YHM asks recent graduate, Alexis Kianna, how she shows her personality in her wardrobe at work. “I believe that you can remain professional while still showing who you are through your work wardrobe. I like to use accessories and color to make a plain black or grey suit come to life. Pops of red from your shirt, a printed heel, or a colorful belt, are simple pieces that can truly go a long way. The most important thing about picking out an outfit is making sure that you feel comfortable and love the way you look.” By J’nel Billups

Iconic Characters of the 1950s Inspires Women’s Fashion in 2013

As far back as the end of the Second World War, women have been told to play contradictory roles that have affected the way they dress in order to fit the scope of society. The iconic Rosie the Riveter wore a red, polka-dotted headband and blue jumpsuit to tell women to take on male roles in factories to help advance the cause of war. After the war, the televised June Cleaver wore collared shirts and button-down sweaters to match her long skirt and pearls in order to tell women their role in society, all along, was to be a housewife, thus leading to a trade-in of welding tools for oven mitts. These contradictory portrayals of women’s roles (and fashion wear!) in the 1950s are greatly exemplified by American women in the coming years to 2013 — with a modern twist, of course! Whether it’s the polka-dotted print or modernized blue jumpsuits as denim shirts, these Rosie the Riveter-inspired items are classic and essential in a women’s closet this summer! Long maxi skirts or short circle …