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The Heroes Among Us

Throughout the month of July, YHM has been discussing things you need to know to become a hot young women today, such as sacrifice, independence, and hard work. Through our interviews with successful women across the country, we’ve noticed a common thread: to be successful, you need a goal and inspiration. In other words, every young woman needs a hero to look up to. This week, we talked to four Rutgers University sophomores who are just embarking on the journey of their dreams. For them, having a positive role model is not only beneficial, but necessary. What is a hero? A hero is someone who does anything in their power to make other people’s lives better – and that doesn’t always mean putting their own life on the line. It is a person who’s actions and thoughts are admired by someone else. ~Taylor Telesford To me a hero is someone who is willing to put the needs of others before his or her own. It’s someone who has compassion, integrity, and humility. A hero is …

Blake Elizabeth Lewis: A Wonder Woman in Fashion

The life of Blake Elizabeth Lewis is proof that positivity goes a long way.  Her passion for fashion and down-to-earth personality makes her a great role model who is easy to love. Blake gave us the scoop on what it’s like working in the background of the Santa Fe Fashion Week and what it means to be independent in today’s society. YHM: Tell us a little about yourself.  What do you do? Blake Elizabeth Lewis: I have worked all over the place when it comes to fashion.  I initially started working at a local women’s boutique and became involved in working on fashion shows that way.   I’ve had experience walking, but I fell in love with working backstage.  I worked my way up to become a Model Coordinator and Event Planner, where I held casting calls for models, organized the models to take their measurements, and generally helped the designers with whatever they needed.  There were close to eighty people working backstage that I had to manage and it was a great learning experience for …

Staying Positive

Over the month of March YHM is talking confidence! We all want it and hope we have it when it comes to certain moments in our busy lives. In all honesty CONFIDENCE is built up off many other factors. Staying positive is one of them. How do you stay positive? I stay positive with tea, runs, and sunshine. I look for the lovely and overuse “thank you.” I hug my dog and remind myself of how fortunate I am. I am so fortunate. When all else fails, I call my mom. ~ Kit Parker By Le’Ecia Farmer  | Courtesy Photo