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Here Comes the Sun

While the sunshine is known to make an appearance throughout each of the seasons, summer has always been the staple period to rock your most stylish pair of sunnies. The styles have only gotten more and more bold since Memorial Day and we’re here to let you know that any boundary that may have existed before? Gone. Sunglasses have evolved into a little piece of personal artwork for the wearer, from floral prints to accents and tints that haven’t been seen since the Nixon Administration. So please excuse our eagerness when we suggest you follow this read with a trip to your nearest boutique or online shop. These styles are not to be passed up! Let’s start things off with a perfectly versatile pair of shades that can’t help but be noticed. Combining girlish style with cat-eye frames? Like we said, perfection. Now, with the eyes being the windows to the soul and all, why not try a pair that screams expression and a little mystique? While there may be little difficulty in peering into …

Two Tones, One Amazing New Hairstyle

Tired of the cliche highlights? Dye your hair a funky color and can no longer take the upkeep? Next time you’re going for a two-tone look, try an ombré style! The ombré is a relief to those who want to finally stop dying their hair; get the look by letting your natural roots grow in! Of course, it’s up to you how subtle you’d like this look to be. There are tons of ways to take on this new hair venture. Whether you go the salon route to find the perfect shade to catch the fade-in from your roots or find a drugstore equivalent that gives you the look you’re looking for while you’re growing out your latest hair trend, there is plenty of room for experimenting! Feel free to let your hair show off your wild (and tame!) sides simultaneously! By Carolyn Gladd