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Style Stalking: 5 Must-Try Pieces for Spring

Our computer screens were totally frozen on Mai Nguyen’s chic NYFW dress-up with Lynn Kim Do of Neckbreakin’ Style. You already know how obsessed we are with both ladies from our past features on them, but we had to show-off these amazing and very spring forward looks for The Closet—previously titled Weekly Wear. We cooled down their looks for spring time breeze with linen and cotton fabrics and brightened up the sets with warmer hues. Our five must-try trends for spring are bralettes, maxi skirts, bold or nude lips, florals, and sheer—anything! Nguyen’s botanical floor-length skirt and V-neck bralette is perfect if you’re going for an edgy meets girly look! Do’s airy polka dot shirtdress and sneakers are spot on athleisure pieces that not only follows the trends but keeps you totally causal and comfortable. By Leslie Tanner | Photos: Nguyen and Do, Travis Chambers | Products, Brand Photo

Lynn Kim Do; The Charms of Being Creative

There is a beautiful charm about the combination of creativity and business. This dual trait is just two of the flawless characteristics we find in Lynn Kim Do. Yes, we can’t get enough of this stylish entrepreneur. We’ve already buzzed about her epic Neckbreakin’ Style video and collaboration with ALDO. After many nights scrolling down her Instagram feed we knew we had to take a seat with this creative diva and hear her story. We met at the very popular and cozy Play café for a totally laidback meet. Currently the Head of Social at Bravo Media Inc., Do finds balance between work and play. Do combines her love for creativity and being an entrepreneur so effortlessly that it pours out in all she does. After graduating from Rutgers University, with a BA in Communications in 2014, Do, took on New York with a brave heart to make creativity her business. She continuously researches and collaborates with the next big inspiration while at work and now on Neckbreakin’ Style. “It’s always rewarding directing and styling …

Neckbreakin’ Style (n.); The Fashion Journey

After late nights stalking her on Instagram, Lynn Kim Do, has finally blessed us with the debut video for Neckbreakin’ Style. The modern vintage scenes take us through a perfectly scenic journey of fashion and lifestyle. The clips of suburban walks to city adventures truly rings Neckbreakin’ Style as a platform for more than stylish apparel. It’s about the journey of fashion, what inspires us to be creative and the memories we make in life. Style lives in all of us. So much so that it has opened the doors to many conversations and relationship – beginnings and endings,” We hope you tag along for another exciting voyage with another talented and inspirational young woman. Lynn Kim Do, thanks for #NECKBRKR. By Heidi M.