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12 Summer Nail Trends You’ll Love

If you’re like us, you’re still going crazy over a good #ManicureMonday post on Instagram. Guess what? It’s never too late to get prim and proper nails for your summer outings. Stop playing catch up and try one of these summer trends for your next brunch date or island getaway. First up, the shimmer and metallic trend. Rock one of these edgy yet subtle hues for a kickass punch to a chill pool party. Marc Jacobs’s Le Charm has a high-shine rose copper finish that people can’t help but compliment. Keep things classic with warm and feminine tones like NARS’ Trouville polish. This lacquer could not scream ‘perfect baby pink’ any louder. Need a break from all the tropical hues? Dive into a cool and mellow effect with Essie’s lilac wonder polish ‘Full Steam Ahead’ or OPI’s cloud blue polish. What’s your favorite summer beauty trend so far?   By Leslie Tanner | Illustration: YHM Magazine Archive; Product Photo: Brand/Company’s Photo

Ballin’ On A Budget: Back-to-School Beauty Starter Kit

Whether you’ve just finished buying all your school supplies and dorm essentials or you’re just trying to get the basics for your makeup bag, buying quality beauty products shouldn’t have to be a hassle on your bank account. With the listed products below, your pockets will be thanking you! Skin Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Clear Scrub, $6-9 (Walmart): This scrub does wonders exfoliating dead skin and combating acne at the same time. There’s a reason why it was named Allure Magazine’s Editors’ Choice. Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion, $9-14 ( This lotion is committed to its advertisements. It truly moisturizes and it is great for those with sensitive skin. Ponds Clarant B3 Dark Spot Correcting Cream, $8-12 (Walmart): Within 3 weeks of use, you will see your dark spots start to disappear. This bottle is magic! You can also use it in place of your regular moisturizer because it’s just that good. There’s a cream for each skin type that will last practically a lifetime, seriously 😛! Freeman Feeling Beautiful Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress Mask, $4 …

Let’s Get Shady

If you’re like us, you paint your nails to match your mood. Forget what the newsstands have to say about the latest beauty trends. Just kidding! Paint. Remove. Decorate and repeat. Match your nails to fall trends and your mood every day of the week. Jezebel: Maroon is the mature yet totally cool hue. Lemon 60:  Yellow is for anyone who is not ready to break from the summer sun. Blow-up: Are you feeling quirky and spontaneous? #classicfallcolor Camp: We never thought we’d want to style it up in green. RGB’s muted olive hue has changed our minds! Rogue 999: The sassy and sexy, notice me feel. Perfect for date night. Damsel In A Dress: Feeling dark and playful? Well this shiny deep purple is sure to solve that! Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot: For the girly-girl in you this season! By Heidi Matthews

Glam & Grunge; Get Daring for Date Night!

The #1 fashion dilemma for Valentine’s Day is THE DRESS. It’s time to vamp up your wardrobe for all you daring and mysterious lovers out there! Go for a dark hue and fitted dress that shows off your curves. We picked out two fab choices! Both have a scoop back to accent your strong shoulder bones. Add a spiky statement necklace to drape over your dress. Next step, match your look with nude heels and nails for the right amount of glam to this grungy V-Day piece. And for the final vampy touch, M.A.C. has got you covered with its fun deep purple Heroine lipstick. Now you’re ready to take on the scene! As always we hope we have inspired you to stand out and shake things up for your lovely night out. And if someone asks where you got it from, make sure you mention your favorite online fashion magazine! Stay tune this week for 4 more V-Day fashion inspo! Let #YHMMAG be your go-to guide for a ‘fit that gets all the attention! By Yegide Matthews 

Tickled (bright) Pink With Colors!

A trip to the nail salon can be daunting on arrival. You walk in and they say “pick a color.” If you’re lucky there are about five people ahead of you. This gives you time go through the hundreds of shades on the wall. Okay, so you’re not so lucky on this particular visit. Panicking! Can’t pick one color? Use ’em all! It’s a simple way to be creative without tedious nail artwork. Skip the diamonds, the French mani, and all that other fun stuff. You’ll have a finger to match any outfit with this fun new trend. You can break color barriers or keep it simple with a few different shades of pink. Would you rock this new nail trend? Sound off in the comments below! By Carolyn Gladd