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New Trend Alert: “City Pride”

Souvenir shirts are great ways to reminisce on the fabulous places you have visited. However, often times, these tops tend to fall flat to adequate fashion standards and expectations. Luckily a new trend is among us and it solves this not so stylish memorabilia. This trend is called “City Pride.” Below we have mustered together fashion worthy pieces of the city-representing trend that even some of the hottest celebrities today have been spotted wearing. By: Fatimah Foster

New York City Inspires A Twist On Menswear

New York City is not only one of the fashion capitals of the world, but it’s also a fashion world all on its own. Whether it’s the woman who bikes around Lafayette with her head held high, sunglasses on, with a pair of the sickest huarache sandals or the lady entrepreneur, sporting a black pencil skirt and a red blazer, waiting to get her coffee, New York City is a fashion world that will always attract twenty-year-old Jamie Lee Buhain. This Rutgers University business student talks to YHM about what inspires her sense of style and how she makes it her own. YHM: You said New York City is the fashion world that has greatly inspired you. How has it inspired/affected you and your style? JLB: Not only does the city itself have visual and emotional appeal, but the chic New Yorker who walks around its busy streets also conveys a story simply by how she is dressed. Fashion is essentially centered on culture and even if I have not been to many different fashion …