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Leather is the New Denim

LEATHER. This is no longer a trend reserved for the bikers. Add a leather trim to your everyday look or go all out by sporting an entire leather ensemble! This black leather camisole dress will take your look from classy to sassy. To add an edgy touch, pair this outfit with a leather snapback with white embroidery. For an urban yet trendy twist, wear your cap to the back. To dress up your outfit, add these sexy khaki swede lace up booties with leather trimming. And of course every fashionista needs her matching accessories. Finish off your look with this silver studded rhinestone bracelet. Now you’re ready to go out on the town in your bad to the bone outfit. But don’t forget, if anyone asks where you got your awesome new look, be sure to mention your favorite magazine! By Lisa Green

Just in Time…For Fall!

As you know, we’ve talked about men’s accessories in the past, but we’d like to expand on one of the most stylish and classic pieces you can incorporate into your wardrobe no matter where you’re headed for the day. Whether big or small, gold or platinum, there’s a staple piece of arm candy for you guys out there and we’re going to provide you with a glimpse at some of our favorites. First, the classic and simple wristwatch: Don’t be afraid of funky accents and multi-colored options. They add flair to your look and another layer to your style personality! Nothing wrong with taking on a more sporty look! This mono-colored option screams sleek and stylish. Finally, remember that there are more face options than just round! Square and rectangular options are equal parts unique and chic. Consider yourself set to find the perfect watch for your wardrobe this season! Keep in mind these pieces will last long into the new year, however. Even the smallest parts of your wardrobe can make big statements, so …

Pack Up and Go

It’s official: School is in session! We’re here to help take away some of the sting of having to say farewell to summer by introducing you to some of the best school accessories to rock on campus and in the halls. Backpacks have made a huge comeback in the past year, and their popularity isn’t slowing down anytime soon! Styles are getting edgier and more unexpected. We’ve searched through the collections of some of our favorite brands to bring you the best bags to grab up before first period. Even better news? There’s something for everyone! If you’re into funky patterns and prints: Maybe feminine touches and florals are more your style: Or you’re ready to take on this school year with a little edge: So whatever your school or style vibe, there’s a bag for you that’ll get you even more excited about getting back in the classroom. And we have a feeling these backpacks will make hauling all those books to the library a little less painful. As always, we’re happy to help …

Back to School Fashion Day Four: Leather and Lace

Welcome to Day Four of Weekly Wear’s Back to School Special, where we have been revealing cool school outfits with individual pieces priced at a budget-friendly $50 or less. Leather (or faux leather) is back in trend and better than ever, so let’s see how we can conquer this look! The faux leather aspect of this outfit is, of course, a key feature. That is why we are starting this look off with an awesome faux leather jacket. As the title indicates, this outfit will be mixing leather and lace, a classic look that is both edgy and delicate all at once. As for the lace side of this look, we went for a sweet lace dress that is wearable year-round. Everyone could use a little sparkle in their life. Add some dazzle to the outfit with glittery flats. Accessorize with the latest craze in jewelry, knuckle rings! There you have it! Put this look together, and you will find yourself wearing the perfect mix of tough and adorable. As always, hope we inspired you …

Step Out in Bold Leather

LIPS ON FASHION – EVERY DAY WEAR Be bold, daring, and sleek this winter in leather! This trend can be seen all over from skirts, pants, tops, and bags and it instantly makes any outfit look chic and stylish. Here are a few options for you to try and incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. Forever 21 Necessary Clothing BCBG Generation Asos By Justyna Torres