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Back to School Fashion Day Two: Flower Power

Welcome to Day Two of Weekly Wear’s Back to School Special, where each day we will be revealing a new look with individual pieces priced at $50 or less. Today’s theme: flowers! Before we get to the floral loveliness of this outfit, let’s start with a simple white sweater. Add some excitement and freshness to the outfit with a pair of floral jeggings. They’ll certainly make your day a little brighter! For a casual twist, match any color in the jeggings with a colorful pair of sneakers. Have a blast accessorizing with whatever shade suits your mood! You can match your sneakers or draw from a different shade in the floral printed pants. Ta-da! Now you’re set to saunter around school with epic flower power. As always, hope we inspired you to create a feminine, flowery outfit that you will show off at school. And if someone asks where you got it from, make sure you mention your favorite online fashion magazine! By Casey Gale