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April Showers; A Fashion Guide For Rainy Days

Don’t spend the beginning of spring hiding from the rain. Accessorize in it with this outfit that will make a bold statement whether wet or dry. To protect you from the rain, but still keep you looking fabulous, add this trendy transparent rain coat with black accents. Underneath, add this black and white striped bodycon dress for a casual, yet sexy fit. Accessorize your outfit with an item that not only protects, but will leave you looking super stylish. Get matchy-matchy with this clear umbrella with black accents. Last but not least, throw on these yellow combat boots to incorporate a bit of brightness and fun into your wardrobe! This ensemble will have you ready for the rain and the runway. But don’t forget, if anyone asks where you got your new look from, tell them your favorite magazine. By Lisa Green

It’s Raining, Girl!

Rain can ruin your plans for the entire day, unless you’re ready for it! We came up with a cute and practical outfit that is a real lifesaver for those dreary days. This sassy raincoat is a new arrival at Free People, so as soon as we saw it, we had to include it into our Weekly Wear suggestions. With four fun hues to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect match for your look! Follow the rainy theme and snag this cute boat embroidered jumper! We love high waisted jeans, they are comfortable, practical and give a little chicness to the everyday outfit. If you don’t already own a pair of Hunter rainboots, you need to go and get them! These boots are so stylish, you will actually WANT it to rain. As for accessories, try to keep it simple. That’s it, you’re all set for a rainy day! As always, hope we inspired you to create a comfy outfit that will keep you warm and dry. And if your friends ask how you came …