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Working Across Differences

Why is it not good to prejudge people? Ritti Soncco, Germany When I was in high school in Germany, there was a tightly-knit group of girls who ruled the hallways. They were considered by my classmates, and by themselves, as the cool ones, although I could never understand why. To me, they all looked too much alike to note any distinct individuality. They dressed alike, wore the same make-up, and were all blonde. I was going through a rebellious stage, and the more these girls turned their noses up at me, the more outrageous I became. I experimented with crazy clothes, dyed my hair, and, in the aftermath of a rough puberty, became a Goth. One day, one of the girls was alone with me in the hallway, and she approached me (nervously – to my surprise) to ask me why I wore such dark make-up and dark clothes. She admitted that it intimated her and she just wanted to understand why I did it. Her honesty surprised and touched me, and I decided to …

When I Was Younger vs. Now #4

Jessica Faustin, 20 This true prep-ster, Jessica Faustin, puts a sophisticated twist on fashion. With a wardrobe full of cardigans and khakis, this young lady is always ready for business. Fashion caused pandemonium in her life when she realized that she was drawn to clothing stores such as Banana Republic and the Gap. Her preppy style doesn’t mean that she is boring.  Faustin always brings sexiness to a conservative outfit. Her style reflects the ideology of properness that was instilled in her from birth. A few trendsetting items that influenced her in high school were boy’s bow ties and suspenders. She believes that she is a trendsetter because she takes these masculine items and puts a feminine twist on them. She develops outfits so fun and sexy it’s hard not to see that she’s the life of the party. By Lisa Green | Photo: Jens Johnsson/Illustration: YHM Magazine Archive