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Class of 2014: The Perfect Graduation Dress

Beauty and Brains! If you’re a fashionista who will be strutting across the stage to receive her diploma this spring, then we have a look for you that is way too cute to hide under a cap and gown. This neon green pleated flare dress is super fun and will make you stand out in the crowd on your big day. Glam up your outfit by adding this silver bejeweled spikey choker for a bit of pizazz and sophistication. Pull your look altogether with a bold finishing touch by adding these black and white color block pointy toe pumps. You will be sure to turn heads when you wear your chic new outfit to your graduation, but remember, if anyone asks where you got your new look from don’t forget to mention your favorite magazine. By Lisa Green

Taking Time To Appreciate Life

In some people’s minds, they see schooling as something that has to be done consecutively. Year after year they attend school until it is time to graduate. For these people this is the plan of action that makes the most sense for them. Some, on the other hand, feel that it is best to take some time off and explore the world or embark on other endeavors that appeal to them. YHM interviews recent returned student Kristee Rosa and asks her the benefits of taking time off before returning to school. For me, it was a very easy decision to take some time off. I attended school for two years and found myself growing bored and unmotivated in my studies. I took time off from schooling to work, travel, and give my brain time to relax. When it was time to go back to school, I realized that I appreciated the idea of getting an education so much more. Giving myself that break ensured that I wasn’t burnt out and stressed about the workload that …