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Jacque Amadi: Breaking Barriers and Paving the Way with Fashion

From the large city of Witchita in south-central Kansas rests the passionate and humble Jacque Amadi. She is the owner of the quirky and classy growing online fashion boutique Shop Lioness. Growing up Amadi often sold things to classmates however she had no idea she would eventually immerse herself in the shoes of a working college student and businesswomen. Initially what began in late 2012 as a way to earn extra money throughout her undergraduate years at University of Kansas, the upcoming business owner now has a working desire to inspire young African-American women. I want to be able to hire other people of color. I want to find a way to give back and do something meaningful, not just sell clothes,” Amadi states. When asked who inspired her she noted Fashion Bomb Daily’s Claire Sulmers as one of the women she hopes to become. The rising young entrepreneur also had the pleasure of being featured in Fashion Bomb Daily which is one of her favorite daily fashion resources. Amadi also admires Necole Kane of the notable …

School Time Fun

Anxiety, stress, and tension may be some words that people may associate with school. The remembrance of long hours spent studying for exams, and constant headaches from looking at the computer screen for hours on end. But, there are those who look forward to school and see it to be a place where you can mingle, meet new people, and get a great education while doing it. Shayla Diaz, a recent graduate from Purchase College, reminisces about her college days with YHM. I knew people who never wanted summer to end, and hated the idea of school but I was never one of those people. Every year I looked forward to going back to school and seeing the people I may not have gotten a chance to see while we were away. I also loved getting the chance to be in an environment where I would get to learn new things and show what I was capable of. I appreciated the opportunity that was given to me because I knew that there were people out …

Tickled (bright) Pink With Colors!

A trip to the nail salon can be daunting on arrival. You walk in and they say “pick a color.” If you’re lucky there are about five people ahead of you. This gives you time go through the hundreds of shades on the wall. Okay, so you’re not so lucky on this particular visit. Panicking! Can’t pick one color? Use ’em all! It’s a simple way to be creative without tedious nail artwork. Skip the diamonds, the French mani, and all that other fun stuff. You’ll have a finger to match any outfit with this fun new trend. You can break color barriers or keep it simple with a few different shades of pink. Would you rock this new nail trend? Sound off in the comments below! By Carolyn Gladd