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Suzanne Rae & Shaina Mote; Minimalistic and Versatile for FW14

Suzanne Rae Pelaez has got our eyes fixed on her playful and minimalistic fall/winter 2014 collection. As I stepped into the brightly lit suite, racks draped in ruffled tops and zippered gowns made the mini fashionista inside of me want to splurge on everything in sight! Taking the minimalist approach to the next level is no understatement for her upcoming line. The FW14 collection is a mixture of elegance and casual all wrapped up in one. You’ll fall in love with the unique oversized pieces because they are sure to cover all your styling needs. Across the room sharing her FW14 line is the budding California designer, Shaina Mote. Her line answers the ongoing fashion crisis question; “Will I wear this in a few months?” Mote’s versatile pieces will help you make a statement with your look every time by adjusting a few knots here and there – literally! It was bittersweet leaving behind all those precious threads of comfort and style, but we snagged the designers’ pics showing off their favorite pieces for our …

Traditionally Unique

There are a billion people in this world and almost everyone has a culture that they represent within society. Each culture has its own customs and ideals that may be important to them. Along with these ideas, many of the cultures have clothing and garments specific to them. YHM asks Fatmata Rogers how she presents her own style when wearing traditional African clothing. I love when I wear the clothing typical of my heritage. It’s my way to show my culture and educate people who may not necessarily know about it. I love to wear pieces with lots of colors and patterns that would definitely make me stand out in a crowd. I even like to add a statement piece of jewelry that will match with my outfit. Some may think when I wear African clothing that I am already sticking out but I love to stand out even more! I am proud of my heritage and I consider it to be a fashion statement within itself. By J’nel Billups Courtesy Photos

Crew Love Apparel; Fashion, Hard Work, & the Voyage

Angel Tavarez and Raymond Croft both show no fear when it comes to expressing their love for both fashion and life. The two college friends combined their passions for all things unique and urban to create their thriving clothing line, Crew Love Apparel. Having only started 10 months ago, in April 2012, these two unquestionably stylish men put in incredible amounts of hard work to achieve their mutual dream of being successful designers. YHM wanted to find out where Angel and Ray are on their path to changing the fashion world and how they got there. YHM: Explain to us the process of creating Crew Love. What made you start designing? Angel Tavarez: I met my co-founder, Ray, through the EOF program (Educational Opportunity Fund) at Rutgers. We were just two guys interested in dressing up and looking good. I was in a couple of fashion shows, and I realized I really liked the idea of wearing nice clothes. Ray and I found a love for shopping in thrift stores. People started asking where we …