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Suit Up In Chic Leggings + A Velvet Skirt

Let’s talk “legs for days” on our recent photo shoot for our Leggsington collaboration. Our two gorgeous models could not stop raving about how soft and comfortable their leggings were. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the beautiful wine red Rosalie Velvet Skirt. Leggsington has got you covered for the holiday season from their comfy joggers to lounge around into their lace skirts for a chic night out. We dressed up the Rosalie skirt and the Jasmine Velvet Leggings with a wintery theme. Then we amped-up the Lola Matte leggings and Donia Velvet Jogger with a glam-urban flare. You can say we had a bit of a velvet crush but who can blame us? As temperatures swiftly begin to go against the warm breeze we seek, you can definitely count on a plush velvet fabric to keep you cozy. Be sure to tune into our Instagram account as we raffle off some of these comfy and stylish gems this month! By Yegide Matthews / Photos: YHM Magazine Archive

Fashion Bloggers; It’s More Than Style

It’s time to get a new perspective on your thoughts of fashion bloggers. Jeanne Grey, of the chic blog Grey Layers, put to work her savvy business skills and brought together a team of philanthropist style bloggers. Stepping off the runway of Orchard Street in New York City, I was greeted to yet another showroom of trendsetters at Reed Space for the “Shop Our Closet” event. This style affair donated 20% of its proceeds to the American Cancer Society. Grey, alongside Eliezer Infante, Jamal Jackson, Candice Stewart, and Joel Moore gathered their favorite pieces from their closet for a great cause. It seems almost everyone is a blogger these days and who can blame anyone for showing off his or her style when it’s so easy to become your own media. This gang shows us how they are more than what they wear. The whole mindset about bloggers [is that they] are always about “themselves,” where as this shows more of who we really are,” mentions Grey. These young philanthropists wanted to make a statement about …

ALDO-A-List with Lynn Kim Do

So what’s your Sunday looking like? Style up your night with an Aldo-A-List experience hosted by Lynn Kim Do this Sunday, September 28th. Giveaways and exclusive savings are just few of the events highlights-not to mention this is a super cool opportunity for Lynn and her followers. What’s the goal of the night you may ask? To find your #perfectpair. Lynn is getting major support from fellow blogger Mai Nguyen – who you may have seen all across our sites! We are so excited about our new blogger community and we can’t wait to share more on Lynn next month. Check out some of the awesome promo shots of Mai & Lynn for the event. Event info here! YHM Fashion Mix: Updated must-know fashion gossip and news!

Neckbreakin’ Style (n.); The Fashion Journey

After late nights stalking her on Instagram, Lynn Kim Do, has finally blessed us with the debut video for Neckbreakin’ Style. The modern vintage scenes take us through a perfectly scenic journey of fashion and lifestyle. The clips of suburban walks to city adventures truly rings Neckbreakin’ Style as a platform for more than stylish apparel. It’s about the journey of fashion, what inspires us to be creative and the memories we make in life. Style lives in all of us. So much so that it has opened the doors to many conversations and relationship – beginnings and endings,” We hope you tag along for another exciting voyage with another talented and inspirational young woman. Lynn Kim Do, thanks for #NECKBRKR. By Heidi M.

Mad for Plaid

The very first thing that comes to mind when I think of back-to-school wardrobe essentials is PLAID! I’m totally mad for plaid! The all-American plaid shirt, grunge era plaid skirts & 70’s inspired plaid dresses — plaid is the ultimate fall staple! Not to mention, completely comfortable and always on trend! We are all prone to pairing our favorite tartan button-downs with a pair of jeans, but why not swap out the jeans for a jean jacket & opt for an adorable black faux leather skirt instead? This is an easy way to give an otherwise classic, boyish shirt a more feminine & slightly edgier flair! I’ve been experimenting with not making my outfits so matchy-match and it’s become my favorite past time. With this outfit, I focused on breaking up the colors to give the ensemble a little more life and make it a little more interesting to the eye. A denim washed cropped jean jacket over a primarily white and red plaid shirt, tucked into a pleated black faux leather skirt paired with …

The Burlesque Boudoir; All You Need to Know

It’s 11am in the city and the smell of this morning’s coffee is still lingering in the air. As the New Yorkers cross my path in their top-notch heels and suits, I await the arrival of the fabulous Jordan Gelber, the founder and CEO of Starbaby Enterprises. Gelber struts in with luggage in her hands for her next business venture. She begins to dish about the upcoming fashion week events for Starbaby. First up is the edgy meets sexy showcase of Louise Ferdinand’s Lingerie collection on September 4th in New York City. Appropriately titled, “The Burlesque Boudoir’, will also feature the unique shades of eyewear designer Stevie Boi. This year I am very big on celebrating a women’s figure.” Gelber loves inspiring women to be sexy and smart wrapped up in one. Finding inspiration from Sophia Amoruso’s novel Girl Boss and Instagramers like Team Boss Babe, Gelber keeps her head high after getting a few nasty comments about her appearance in the ‘The Burlesque Boudoir’ promo video. There is a stigma that women can’t be …