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Raye Boyce on How to Make an Impact in the Beauty Industry

It’s unexpectedly warm this Friday afternoon, and I’m feeling a little rushed as I juggle my day job and YHM. A feeling most entrepreneurs can agree on. It’s lunchtime, but I’m pacing back-and-forth in my office, eager to find a quiet space for my much-anticipated call with Raye Boyce—the stunning entrepreneur behind the international beauty brand, ITSMYRAYERAYE. I don’t mention the word “brand” lightly. Raye has journeyed a long way from posting beauty deals on Tumblr and uploading makeup tutorial videos on YouTube. She transcended her passion from a social media reach and brought her “A” game to the consumer marketplace. Her reigning YouTube channel, ITSMYRAYERAYE has received massive attention from magazines such as Elle and Cosmopolitan. She is no longer highlighted for her trendsetting looks alone but instead tapped on the shoulder to share her expertise in the beauty industry. While all this attention comes with the territory of having over 1.7 M YouTube subscribers, Raye admits she never envisioned being worthy of such admiration. “It’s a feeling of accomplishment. It’s cool to see …

5 Ways Bloggers Changed the Entrepreneurial Game Forever

Typically, we think of an entrepreneur as a person who organizes and operates a business. But in the past decade, the Internet has challenged both meanings of “entrepreneurship” and “business.” With the rise of blogs, beauty, fashion, and food bloggers have turned into entrepreneurs, responsible for creating businesses out of their websites. Here are five ways digital influencers have changed the entrepreneurial game forever and how you can follow suit.

The Other Festival: Women Empowering Women

The sun is out and it screams summer more than a cool spring day. Although I’d love to rest across the grassy fields of Central Park, the busy streets of Lower Manhattan is calling me to The Other Festival. If you haven’t yet read our story about Dee Poku, the creator behind the pop culture meets business festival, head on over before you continue reading! Okay, great you’re back. For many, going to an early morning conference is not the highlight of his or her day, but The Other Festival, well it’s different. It has all the “other” stuff you would not expect from a branding or entrepreneurial meet-up. The first all-female festival in New York brought together leaders from the music, food, fashion, and tech industries. We talked to a few guests and jotted down a handful of quotes so you can feel inspired too. The weekends are made for shopping and The Smart Shop Village at the festival had our pockets crying for joy with the ethical and sustainable brands on showcase. And like many festivals, …