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The Inspiring Heroines of Film

Sadly, it has become a trend to label girls as “bossy” if they assert themselves. Whether it is in school or work, if a girl is “in charge” she is at risk of being labeled as bossy. The Ban Bossy campaign is ready to inspire girls to be leaders and to not be afraid of being in charge. You can visit the campaign’s website and make the pledge to Ban Bossy. Inspired by the Ban Bossy Campaign we have complied a list of some of the strongest and fearless women in film. Hermione Granger: Books and cleverness are not the only things that make up Hermione’s strong personality. Harry’s right-hand witch is also brave (duh she is in Gryffindor). She is willing to help her friends no matter what the cost. She never gives up on Harry and is always there to help him and save the rest of the wizard world. I love Hermione. She is strong and never gives up. She is a girl who uses her brains, and let’s face it, Harry would …

The Little Mermaid is Swimming to the Big Screen!

The Little Mermaid is coming to theaters…Again! But this time the fairy tale romance of our favorite crimson haired siren and her Prince Charming will be told in an exciting live action version. Disney is already making Sleeping Beauty come to life this spring, however, it will be told from the evil sorceress Maleficent’s (played by Angelina Jolie) point of view. So why not do the same for the other Disney Princesses? Director, Sofia Coppola, is taking on this project adventurous. This is totally different from her other films like The Bling Ring, 2013 and Marie Antoinette, 2006. The movie has no set release date, but that doesn’t stop fans from speculating which actress will slip into Ariel’s purple seashell bra. So far the #1 fan pick is Emma Watson. She has already worked with Coppola so our guesses may not be too far off. Some of the actresses rumored to be up for the role are Amy Adams, Anna Kendrick, Emma Watson, and Sophie Turner. So who would you love to see play Ariel? By Ashley DeLuce