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Don’t Judge Me #3

Alicia Valentine, 21 Aspiring doctor and Rutgers graduate, Alicia Valentine, is an individual who definitely takes fashion by the horns. Her idea of fashion is just being free and wearing what expresses her personality. In her opinion it is something that is very liberating. Some might say that her personal style falls in the two categories of retro and edgy. Valentine, one who is not afraid to rock lively hair colors or outrageous accessories, feels that people shouldn’t judge other’s style. “I feel that it is important to let everyone be themselves and fashion is a great way to accomplish that,” states Valentine. By Lisa Green | Photo by Milada Vigerova

Don’t Judge Me #1

Raena Loper, 18 Aspiring fashion designer Raena Loper feels that fashion is definitely timeless simply because history repeats itself and trends are always coming back around. Her personal style consists of what she likes to call a classic chic look. “It’s a 1950s movie star with a young stylish twist,” mentions Loper. Loper believes that we should not judge others, especially when it comes to fashion. “Every individual is different and are entitled to their own personal style,” she says. When in high school she realized that there would always be someone who is afraid of what they cannot understand. But in Raena’s opinion, that’s what fashion is all about, being misunderstood. By Lisa Green | Photo by Milada Vigerova