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April Showers; A Fashion Guide For Rainy Days

Don’t spend the beginning of spring hiding from the rain. Accessorize in it with this outfit that will make a bold statement whether wet or dry. To protect you from the rain, but still keep you looking fabulous, add this trendy transparent rain coat with black accents. Underneath, add this black and white striped bodycon dress for a casual, yet sexy fit. Accessorize your outfit with an item that not only protects, but will leave you looking super stylish. Get matchy-matchy with this clear umbrella with black accents. Last but not least, throw on these yellow combat boots to incorporate a bit of brightness and fun into your wardrobe! This ensemble will have you ready for the rain and the runway. But don’t forget, if anyone asks where you got your new look from, tell them your favorite magazine. By Lisa Green

Rep Your City

Now fashionistas can let everyone know where their style derives from with this cute new trend. What city are you reppin? This grey Los Angeles cropped top sets the tone for a super savvy yet fashion forward look. To dress up your outfit pair your slouchy tank with this black leather skater skirt. Take a page from Charlie Chaplin’s book by throwing on this black wool brimmed hat! Don’t forget the jewelry. Accessorize your fingers with these unique gold rings. Last but not least, finish off your ‘fit with these sleek pastel pink combat boots which not only add a bit of color, but a bit of edge to your girly ensemble. This casual meets trendy outfit will be all the rage among your friends. But remember if they ask where you got your super cute look, don’t forget to mention your favorite magazine. Be sure to check out more of this trend from our trend alert ‘City Pride!’ By Lisa Green

Give ‘Em the Boot

What’s the most valuable item in your closet that’s sure to dole out daily doses of fabulous this fall? Allow us to introduce you (or, ahem, re-introduce you we suppose) to your new best friend this season: the boot. As we all know, shoes are not to be underplayed. So when we talk boots, we’re not kidding around. The perfect piece to give any outfit you don an instantly chic vibe, boots of all heights and styles allow your personal style to shine through while still making room for other pieces in your outfit to stand out. The boot makes a big impact and has the ability and ease to become the center of your outfit, but many styles out there provide the perfect balance between bold and subdued. This allows that crazy stylish top you scored at last week’s sample sale to take center stage. Here are some of the best options we’ve found that can be worn to stand out or play up the rest of your outfit should you want to don …

The Flashback Fashion Trend

A curious thing happened the other day–we walked past a store window and could’ve sworn the mannequin stole a look directly off of a character in the beloved 90s sitcom Friends. Dressed in a plaid shirtdress and combat boots, the window display provided a blast from the past. Plaid may seem like a trend reserved for the chillier seasons, but this year it decided to make an early comeback, and we’re welcoming it with open arms. So let us attempt a bold 90s redo, shall we? Begin this outfit with a plaid shirtdress. What is wonderful about such a dress is that it can easily be worn year round: left as-is in the summer, then paired with tights or a leather jacket in the cooler months. Continue this look with rugged combat boots, a 90s staple that gives serious edge to the outfit. This hip outfit is perfect for trying out the latest funky trend in eyewear: round glasses. These sunglasses are stylish, fun, and avoid making you look like Harry Potter (not that looking …