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Classic Trends Never Die

A girl can have a closet filled with clothes and still claim she has nothing to wear. And there is always that constant struggle of whether an outfit is “in” or not. Trends in the fashion industry have become part of a cycle and we learn that while many styles come and go, classic trends never die! Iconic female characters will forever inspire women’s fashion. We always want the latest fashion trends in our closets to make us look hip but not take away from who we are. Twenty-year-old Brittany Mahoney–Fashion Marketing and Merchandising student at The Art Institute of New York City–finds her style inspiration by living in one of the fashion capitals of the world and learning from a personal icon of her own–her grandmother! YHM: How do you think Rosie the Riveter and June Cleaver define women of the 1950′s and now in 2013? Brittany Mahoney (BM): The two women are opposite in nature, however both understand their role in society in their given period of time. Rosie the Riveter represents the hard-working woman …

Classy and Fabulous Peplums

The great fashion designer Coco Chanel said, “a girl should be two things; classy and fabulous.” Peplums are universal in the fact that they flatter every body type; that is why this trend has taken off for the spring season. The flirty flair gives you a feminine and classy look that can be worn to just about any event! Whatever the day brings, dress this look up with a chic pencil skirt or dress down with floral printed bottoms! Charlotte Russe Arden B  Aeropostale Asos Forever 21 By Justyna Torres