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Jacque Amadi: Breaking Barriers and Paving the Way with Fashion

From the large city of Witchita in south-central Kansas rests the passionate and humble Jacque Amadi. She is the owner of the quirky and classy growing online fashion boutique Shop Lioness. Growing up Amadi often sold things to classmates however she had no idea she would eventually immerse herself in the shoes of a working college student and businesswomen. Initially what began in late 2012 as a way to earn extra money throughout her undergraduate years at University of Kansas, the upcoming business owner now has a working desire to inspire young African-American women. I want to be able to hire other people of color. I want to find a way to give back and do something meaningful, not just sell clothes,” Amadi states. When asked who inspired her she noted Fashion Bomb Daily’s Claire Sulmers as one of the women she hopes to become. The rising young entrepreneur also had the pleasure of being featured in Fashion Bomb Daily which is one of her favorite daily fashion resources. Amadi also admires Necole Kane of the notable …

The Bomber Jacket: Luxurious and Feminine

Unapologetically, sportswear is becoming more luxurious and feminine. It’s called sporty chic or luxe athletic. Women are dominating what began as a supposed casual and frequent trend for men. This look can be achieved in many different ways, but one specific option YHM loves is the bomber jacket. The bomber jacket is the hottest alternative right now allowing for both warmth and style simultaneously. It adds the perfect masculine style to the perfect feminine look, thus creating the new embodiment of women’s casual chic. Below are some different variations of the newly owned female trend. Pick your favorite look for a wonderful and sporty vibe to every outfit. Cute white bomber with floral detailing for a classy and elegant look. Represent your favorite sports team through the girly and edgy sports bombers available. Silky light-weight floral printed bomber jacket, perfect for this upcoming spring. Try this bold colored bomber for a sassy sports luxe look. Perfect for potential color blocking! By Fatimah Foster

British Invasion

During September’s transition from summer to fall weather, some opportunities arise for adorable outfits that mix both the warm and the cool. With the good old Union Jack invading the shopping racks as of late, let us take a look into the trend to see what outfit we can cook up for the start of September. Begin this outfit with a warm and cozy Union Jack sweater. To maintain a little bit of summer in the look, combine the sweater with a flirty pair of cream lace shorts. Nude sandals perfectly match this outfit – or any other outfit you may have in your closet for that matter! Bring the look together with a bright bag that will carry over beautifully from summer into autumn. Add some extra OOMPH to the outfit with navy blue nails. There you have it! A transitional outfit that helps you wear the Union Jack in style. As always, hope we inspired you to create an awesome outfit that you will love this month! And if someone asks where you …

Button Me Classy

It’s time to acknowledge the trend that has never let us down throughout the decades: button-ups. Seen at concerts, on beaches, in the offices  and on fashion runways, the versatile button-up never fails to make any outfit look fresh. By Carolyn Gladd

Men’s Button-ups: Dress Them Up or Dress Them Down

Girls don’t get to have all the fun! A versatile button-up works just as well to flatter the stylish man out there, too. So what does an average t-shirt with buttons and a collar give you? An easy way to be instantly fancy! Stay cool in this laid-back shirt that says both date-night ready and night-with-the-boys bound. A classic version of the style is always a perfect pick. Like we’ve said, men’s fashion doesn’t have to be drab! Try out some of our suggestions and see your wardrobe transform by giving singular pieces multiple scenarios in which to be worn. By Carolyn Gladd