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Cropped Spring Essential!

For some of us the crop top trend never parted for the fall and winter season. With warmer weather in the forefront, it’s time for the rest of us to bring out the tummy showing shirts. Although buying half a shirt seems like a dumb idea at times, we cannot deny the love that we carry for crop tops. They are designed to beat the unbearable summer heat and show off our sexy sun-kissed bodies. This bright orange top would be a great addition to any outfit because of its sweet 90’s twist. Cropped and see-through is too hot not to try. This button up collar shirt is sleek and cool for a humid summer afternoon. This pink crop top would look great with just about anything, but possibly pairing them with a pair of hip hugging skinny jeans is a must. You can complete this look with black converses for a laid back style. Rock a fun graphic tee shirt with either a maxi skirt or a pair of high-waisted black jeans for more of an edgy style. …

Trendy Overalls; Build Your Perfect Look

Whether you dress them up or dress them down, overalls add a unique flare to any outfit. If this trendy piece can be featured in Alexander Wang’s runway show then it can definitely serve as a staple piece for your ensemble. Build an outfit around these boyfriend cut bleached denim overalls. Its worn look will give your outfit a vintage feel. Add a white button up blouse for a more conservative look. Dress up the outfit with this black and white striped structured blazer with gold accents for a hint of sophistication. For a pop of color throw on these yellow pumps. Not only do these add a vibrant shade but they give your outfit a sexy touch. Finish off your look with this thick gold triple chain necklace that you can wear under the collar of your buttoned blouse for a fun twist. Now you’ve successfully dressed up that old pair of denim overalls and you can go out on the town with your sexy stylish new look. But remember if anyone asks where you got your look from remember to mention your …

Button Me Classy

It’s time to acknowledge the trend that has never let us down throughout the decades: button-ups. Seen at concerts, on beaches, in the offices  and on fashion runways, the versatile button-up never fails to make any outfit look fresh. By Carolyn Gladd

Men’s Button-ups: Dress Them Up or Dress Them Down

Girls don’t get to have all the fun! A versatile button-up works just as well to flatter the stylish man out there, too. So what does an average t-shirt with buttons and a collar give you? An easy way to be instantly fancy! Stay cool in this laid-back shirt that says both date-night ready and night-with-the-boys bound. A classic version of the style is always a perfect pick. Like we’ve said, men’s fashion doesn’t have to be drab! Try out some of our suggestions and see your wardrobe transform by giving singular pieces multiple scenarios in which to be worn. By Carolyn Gladd