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Guy Talk; First Date Thoughts and the Rules of Instagram

The moment has finally arrived. We are so ready to dabble in the never-ending convos about love and life! Notebook Confessions will have you eating your heart out as we chop up the meat of all relationship topics to just about anything we write down in our journals! To kick thing off is the much-anticipated Guy Talk feature. We’ve put together a potpourri of classic relationship questions and matched them to the modern way of life. Check out what some men have to say about attraction and dating. If you could prep a girl’s mind for a first date with you, what would you tell her and would you go for a romantic evening? Matt, 22 – Definitely got to be a bit romantic, but this date is the attention grabber, the hook, the intro paragraph to what is hopefully a long book. I don’t think it has to always be a romantic dinner, and it shouldn’t be, I would tell the girl to be open minded and to expect that it is something I know they …

Men’s Button-ups: Dress Them Up or Dress Them Down

Girls don’t get to have all the fun! A versatile button-up works just as well to flatter the stylish man out there, too. So what does an average t-shirt with buttons and a collar give you? An easy way to be instantly fancy! Stay cool in this laid-back shirt that says both date-night ready and night-with-the-boys bound. A classic version of the style is always a perfect pick. Like we’ve said, men’s fashion doesn’t have to be drab! Try out some of our suggestions and see your wardrobe transform by giving singular pieces multiple scenarios in which to be worn. By Carolyn Gladd