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5 Ways Bloggers Changed the Entrepreneurial Game Forever

Typically, we think of an entrepreneur as a person who organizes and operates a business. But in the past decade, the Internet has challenged both meanings of “entrepreneurship” and “business.” With the rise of blogs, beauty, fashion, and food bloggers have turned into entrepreneurs, responsible for creating businesses out of their websites. Here are five ways digital influencers have changed the entrepreneurial game forever and how you can follow suit.

Eda Semana; The California, Leather-and-Denim-loving, Grungy Hippie.

We are California dreaming with one of our favorite new style influencers. Eda Semana, of Luxe & Linen, began her college career like so many young people – full of hope, but conflicted about the right path to take to be successful. She revealed that her grades suffered while pursuing a major she found no joy in. However, her quirky meets chic blog helped her redeem her creative roots. “My most memorable moment [in fashion] was when I attended my first show for MBFW at the Lincoln Center in New York City. I walked in in complete awe admiring the entire venue and found myself surrounded by so many like-minded and inspiring people. From then on, I knew that this industry and this world was where I wanted to be,” explains Semana. We dug a little deeper to get to know this West Coast babe after frequently obsessing over her Instagram feed. YHM: What is one of your most memorable fashion try? What would you change? ES: In high school, everyone has their own style phases: …

All for One and One for All

It’s like a scene from an old 1950s movie. Small town. White picket fences. Everybody knows everybody. You can ask  your neighbor for a cup of sugar or an egg or two. Community service is simply helping the friends and families that you have grown close to for years. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world anymore. Times has changed, making us distant, even to the people who live right next door. This is why doing community service is such a big deal today. However, while volunteer work should be exactly that, voluntary, some people find that it’s an easy resume booster. YHM spoke with Seton Hall students Chimma Nwobi and Cathy Chukuka about their opposing views on volunteer work and community service. “It’s sad that things have changed like this. I mean I honestly wish I could say that I would do community service if I didn’t need it to get into college, but I can’t. Think about it this way: It’s a form of punishment for criminals, so it kind of has a …