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It’s Time to Step Up Your Skincare Regimen

As a little girl, I remember my mother teaching me the importance of a good skincare routine. I grew up using Noxzema’s deep cleansing cream and any lotion that was in the apartment. For a long time, I focused my skincare regimen on my face. I didn’t share my beauty products with friends, no one was allowed to touch my face, I didn’t pop blemishes in fear of a scar, and I washed my face in the morning and at night. I was serious about having a fresh face. I still am, however, as I got older I expanded my focus to my entire body beyond using a flower-scented bath wash and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter lotion. After my Noxzema phase—I still love them—I transitioned into all things Neutrogena. These drugstore brands worked perfectly for my skin and budget. Our digital magazine is all about the everyday woman, and we want to stay true to that. I asked my editors to share their favorite skincare products, and they didn’t hesitate to chat up their tried-and-true favorites. …

A Long Overdue Video…Because We Love You!

How long have you been reading YHM Magazine? If you’ve been skimming through our features and reposting photos from our look book since 2012 then the faces in this video will definitely ring a bell. YHM Scenes is all about chatting up what’s going on with Team YHM and just about any BTS footage we can share with you all. Back in 2012 our models roamed through a super vintage thrift store and had a ball! The video was shot by the talented and stylish Jen Hsieh. Be sure to drop a comment below and let us know what you think! Founder, Yegide Matthews Photo: YHM Magazine Archive