Who created YHM?
Young Hot and Modern (YHM) was founded by Yegide H. Matthews. As a young girl she always dreamed of having her own magazine to empower young women. Her mother came up with the title young, hot, and modern.

Are you hiring?
Unfortunately we are not hiring any full-time employees at the moment. However, YHM has two remote internship programs for undergraduate and graduate students attending an accredited college or university. Learn more about our programs here.

How can I write/shoot for YHM without an internship with the magazine?
You can become a part of our freelance contributor’s network by submitting your ideas here.

How do you select features for Voice of the Month, Fashion Spotlight, etc.?
We love referrals and entries. If you feel like you would be a great person to be featured or if you know someone else who is awesome, submit your entry here.

YHM has a unique editorial theme. What does it all mean?

  • In the Voice section you’ll find inspiration to overcoming your struggles based on the stories of other women in Connection Stories; learn about women reaching career and academic heights in various industries in Voice of the Month; catch up on relationship do’s and don’ts to pop culture movements in Notebook Confessions; and much more on wellness. We can get pretty serious in the Voice section.
  • Fashion Speaks; there is a lot to say about style and trends. Lips on Fashion has the latest fashion stories from your favorite influencers to fashion week highlights; Timeless Fashion turns the page a few times with notes on who we are and how we express ourselves through fashion; Fashion Spotlight is the it girl – or guy – in the fashion industry we have to know; and let’s not forget about all that #ootd and beauty tips in The Closet and Beauty Book.
  • Who would we be without our favorite musicians, movie stars, and artists cheering us on and totally relating to our every being. Catch up on all that and must try lifestyle moments in The Lounge!

If your question was not answered here, please let us know.