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Get inspired by the amazing stories of women all around the world. Their struggles and joys are great motivation to follow your dreams.


Letters to Hillary: You Are Our Champion

The 2016 United States presidential election results have left a bitter, cold, and sad feeling amongst many. While it might feel too soon to move on and accept what has happened, we can cherish the monumental movement Hillary Clinton has started for women in America. Whether you agreed with her stance or not, you cannot deny the success she has obtained: professionally and socially. She has changed the standards. She has transformed the game. This was more than politics for women and for that we thank you, Hillary. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. My team and I strive to make Young Hot & Modern a place where the voices of women can be heard and after the election results were announced our job has never felt more meaningful. Below are notes from young women expressing how Hillary Clinton has inspired and impacted them. THIS IS FOR THE WOMAN WHO SHOWED ME TO BE STRONG. THIS IS FOR THE WOMAN WHO TAUGHT ME TO STAND UP FOR WHAT I BELIEVE IN. THIS …


Dear Young Voters, It’s Your Future

Dear young voters, it’s your future that is on the line! It’s tough—as a student, you’re balancing fifteen or more credits, working, and planning your life after graduation. It’s not always easy to make time to prepare for each election. However, it is an important task. In fact, voting is a civic duty. Young people are known for having strong voices when it comes to opinions on social and political issues, yet they are some of the hardest people to get to the voting polls. The choice is in the people’s hands on who will oversee their government and make major decisions for the population. Electorates in all branches of government make pertinent decisions which affect young people of America: minimum wage, taxes, college tuition, health care, human rights, and new jobs. These are important issues university students—Millennials—should be focused on and concerned with. In the recent generation, statistics show that on average only half of citizens age 18-24 participate in elections, and voters of the same age make up 19% of the voter population. …


Self-Care Tips for Mental Health Awareness Month

October is Mental Health Awareness month and is subsequently probably the most stressful time of the year for college students. With midterms, papers, work, social life, and everything else building up around you—October is the time when it’s so easy to slip into a bad state of mind; which is why it is so important to practice self-care! Here are some tips on how you can work to handle everything that is on your plate. 1. Set Some Time For Yourself Trust me, I know it’s hard when you’ve been non-stop working all day every day to relax, you may not even get much of a chance to breathe. But with everything that’s going on around you—it is super important to remember your own feelings. Take some time each day to sit back, take a breath, relax, and reflect on the things that you’re doing and want to do. It may seem like you don’t have time, but even just five to ten minutes can make all the difference. This will help ease your mind …


5 Delicious Autumn Inspired Salads To Eat Now

Eating healthy is an important part of our lives, as it should be. We all know how vital it is to incorporate a healthy balance of fresh fruits and vegetables into our meals, but what do you do when the weather starts to change and fall finally arrives for good? Do you stop eating your beautiful salads that are piled high with fresh leafy greens? Of course not. Cooler weather does not mean that you have to cut out salads completely. Here are five salads that will inspire you to stay healthy during the fall season. 1. Roasted Sweet Potato Quinoa and Black Bean Salad by Erin Clarke, Well Plated: This delicious salad would be perfect during any season. However, the mixture of warm vegetables, quinoa, and greens are ideal for fall weather. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a master chef to make this either. It is simple enough that anyone can make it. 2. Tuscan Kale and Apple Salad by Sonali, The Foodie Physician: This salad is just as amazing as its name. The Tuscan Kale and …

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Speak Out, Speak Loud: Combating Campus Assault

It would be wrong to say violence ends when you turn the television off or act as if injustice didn’t exist anymore, but if you reflect back on 2016 so far, one of the biggest topics that often dominated the news and blogosphere was the high frequency of assaults on college campuses around the country. In a place where many young adults begin to learn who they are and who they want to be while enjoying a comfortable freedom and safety among their peers discovered freedom and safety could not always be guaranteed. One of the most discussed topics surrounding sexual assault has been the People v. Turner case. Brock Turner was an undergraduate student at Stanford University in Northern California when he was apprehended by two Swedish international students who witnessed Turner sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. The students who stopped Turner from continuing to assault the young woman stated that they intervened because they could tell that the woman was clearly unconscious. Turner was then subsequently arrested, charged and indicted on two counts of felony assault and …


Dee Poku: How to Find Your Purpose and Help Others

Aspirations are overwhelmingly positive and leave you in a blissful daydream, but dreams are not enough to climb your way up the corporate or creative ladder. It’s going to take risks, a few action plans, and confidence. A budding network can do no harm as well. Dee Poku, the co-founder, and CEO of Women Inspiration and Enterprise (WIE Network) has all that and more. The former Hollywood studio executive is charismatically passing on the torch of success to women across the world through her company’s many conferences, workshops, and showcases. She continues to step up the game of ‘ways to empower women’ by using her network of powerful and leading women in and out of Hollywood. Poku’s next gig is The Other Festival, an event every young entrepreneur needs under their belt. A week before the event Poku chatted with us about her newly founded festival and how it’s going to shake things up. She is in full execution mode, but she’s been here before, she knows the ropes, and she’s already set to see …