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Get inspired by the amazing stories of women all around the world. Their struggles and joys are great motivation to follow your dreams.

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Speak Out, Speak Loud: Combating Campus Assault

It would be wrong to say violence ends when you turn the television off or act as if injustice didn’t exist anymore, but if you reflect back on 2016 so far, one of the biggest topics that often dominated the news and blogosphere was the high frequency of assaults on college campuses around the country. In a place where many young adults begin to learn who they are and who they want to be while enjoying a comfortable freedom and safety among their peers discovered freedom and safety could not always be guaranteed. One of the most discussed topics surrounding sexual assault has been the People v. Turner case. Brock Turner was an undergraduate student at Stanford University in Northern California when he was apprehended by two Swedish international students who witnessed Turner sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. The students who stopped Turner from continuing to assault the young woman stated that they intervened because they could tell that the woman was clearly unconscious. Turner was then subsequently arrested, charged and indicted on two counts of felony assault and …


Dee Poku: How to Find Your Purpose and Help Others

Aspirations are overwhelmingly positive and leave you in a blissful daydream, but dreams are not enough to climb your way up the corporate or creative ladder. It’s going to take risks, a few action plans, and confidence. A budding network can do no harm as well. Dee Poku, the co-founder, and CEO of Women Inspiration and Enterprise (WIE Network) has all that and more. The former Hollywood studio executive is charismatically passing on the torch of success to women across the world through her company’s many conferences, workshops, and showcases. She continues to step up the game of ‘ways to empower women’ by using her network of powerful and leading women in and out of Hollywood. Poku’s next gig is The Other Festival, an event every young entrepreneur needs under their belt. A week before the event Poku chatted with us about her newly founded festival and how it’s going to shake things up. She is in full execution mode, but she’s been here before, she knows the ropes, and she’s already set to see …


Nana Meriwether: A True Renaissance Woman

Nana Meriwether isn’t the typical girl you’d see walking down the street. Or is she? In a world where we see women juggling everything from entrepreneurship to motherhood, becoming earners of both pageant tiaras and doctorate degrees, it’s hard not to celebrate those who pride themselves on being able to wear so many different hats and Meriwether is truly an outstanding example of that. She reveals that, like many women in today’s society, she embodies the character of a true Renaissance woman. While many know her as former Miss USA 2012, Meriwether has proven to be much more. She used her title as a platform that she says opened the doors for even greater opportunities. The former athlete and All-American volleyball player also used pageantry as a way to continue to fuel her competitive spirit after playing overseas in Puerto Rico and training for the Olympics. Seeking a career in publishing, she went on to intern at Harper’s Bazaar magazine. She recognized that there was power in the press, and breaking into the fashion industry via …


Can Men & Women Just Be Friends?

It’s normal for people to build a bond with each other over time. But what if they’re of the opposite sex? Can guys and girls have friendships without drama or romantic feelings? This, of course, has been a question for the ages. We’ve seen all the classics like When Harry Met Sally, No Strings Attached, Friends With Benefits, and 13 Going on 30. Those romantic comedies tackled this great debate on the widescreen. We asked a few young women on their experiences with guys and if they had any awkward encounters because let’s face it we all have some really hot guy friend right? Tori, 19 | Of course, guys and girls can be friends! I have many guy friends. I go to parties, sporting events, and dinners with them all the time. They are really cool. I have brothers and I spent time with guys all the time so I’m really comfortable around them. Of course, some of us might develop romantic feelings but it goes away quickly over time. My guy friends already know that I have a boyfriend so they respect …


Laura Henshaw: How to Find Self-Confidence and Learn from Failures

When a young woman embraces herself in both mind and body the possibilities of her success are endless. Laura Henshaw, the co-creator of the trendy new protein powder Four Protein, shares her incredible journey to total self-confidence. Henshaw is big on healthy living and natural energy foods but positive energy from others and hit songs from music icons like Beyoncé and Rihanna are also a part of her healthy lifestyle. “Seeing how hard other people work for their goals and dreams is a huge driver for me.” The 23-year-old model and fitness guru is at the brink of her entrepreneurial game and her grit for sharing what she knows and loves with others is just our luck. YHM: How did you come up with the idea to not only start her own company but break into the health and food industry? Laura Henshaw: I was so sick of all the protein powders available on the market that were either bland or grainy but healthy or delicious but full of artificial junk. I wanted to create …


22 Things to Do in Your 20s

It’s great to be 20-something. You finally feel like a “real adult” and ready to take on the world. Don’t even think about counting down once you hit 25. Keep pushing and growing. Learn how to get comfortable with the unknown and embrace failure, mistakes, and self-love. We put together 22 things to try and accomplish while you’re in your 20s. Enjoy! TRAVEL & PLAY #1 Travel; locally and globally. Whether you’re studying abroad or taking your first ever real-adult-vacay, now is the time to explore the world. Traveling to new places while you’re young can give you a new perspective on life. Jumping across the ocean is not the only way to experience new faces and plates. Discover fine dining in the next town over or fly out to a modest inn in a historic area nearby. #2 Rock it out: It can be an Indie concert your best friend dragged you to or breathtaking moments from Queen Bey herself, a concert is a must. #3 Road trip! Why? Because it is ultra-fun (who says ultra these days)? Gather your …