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The Other Festival: Women Empowering Women

The sun is out and it screams summer more than a cool spring day. Although I’d love to rest across the grassy fields of Central Park, the busy streets of Lower Manhattan is calling me to The Other Festival. If you haven’t yet read our story about Dee Poku, the creator behind the pop culture meets business festival, head on over before you continue reading! Okay, great you’re back. For many, going to an early morning conference is not the highlight of his or her day, but The Other Festival, well it’s different. It has all the “other” stuff you would not expect from a branding or entrepreneurial meet-up. The first all-female festival in New York brought together leaders from the music, food, fashion, and tech industries. We talked to a few guests and jotted down a handful of quotes so you can feel inspired too. The weekends are made for shopping and The Smart Shop Village at the festival had our pockets crying for joy with the ethical and sustainable brands on showcase. And like many festivals, …


10 Ways to be Totally Prepped and Organized

Staying organized is no easy task when you are young and filled with a bunch of ideas to take over the world—or maybe that’s just me. Whatever your day brings we’ve got you covered with fun and creative ways to help you become your best personal assistant. Tip #1: Send your daily reminders in a text message. If you are not great at remembering to check your paper to-do list then this tip is perfect for you. You will have a constant reminder on your phone for when you are on the go. Tip #2: Find the perfect little notepad. It is important to connect your goals in a way that feels tangible. When you write down a goal don’t be afraid to take an entire page up, make bullets and even set deadlines. Having a page or two for your goals with a timeline helps put your thoughts into perspective and soon into action. Don’t just settle for any notepad. Make it personal, make it chic, and make it you. Tip #3: If you must write do it right. …

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YHM and Ed2010: Your Ultimate Guide to Bottomless Brunch in NYC

We partnered with, one of the best career sources for young editorial professionals, to give you something your appetite cannot resist. Take your weekends to the next level of awesome by stepping into some of our favorite restaurants for a brunch affair. We’ve got you covered with posh sceneries in the Upper East Side to live music over in Queens. Oh, and did we mention this is a curation of affordable – and bottomless – brunches? Yeah? Okay cool. Check out the full article here and start making your checklist for where you’ll be dining soon. Photo: Ali Inay


Travel & Style with Elle-May Leckenby

We are always on a mission to curate the best of the best in style, culture, and inspiration. Elle-May Leckenby, a lifestyle influencer and period-drama lover, is our latest obsession. The 22-year-old Australian native has the carefree demeanor of an artist and radiates total humility in style. Although she described her fashion sense as flowy and chill, a statement of elegant boho comes to the tip of our tongues. Her laid-back daily schedule is complemented with bike rides, dips in sunny waters off the coast, and rounds of artistic ventures. We took some time to catch-up with the trendsetter who is quick to mention painting as a possible new hobby. YHM: Have you ever traveled outside of Australia and did it have any cultural impact on you? EL: Oh goodness yes! I have been so fortunate to have traveled to many lands. I went to Africa when I was 17 and recently Samoa last year. Both of these cultures were the most different I had experienced. I guess getting out of your comfort zone while …

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5 Ways to Keep a Healthy Relationship with your Bank Account

There is no secret that college is tough, especially when you’re trying to achieve that 4.0 GPA, balance a part-time or full-time job, and squeeze in time for a social life. What’s even more difficult is trying to survive on a college student’s budget; your bank account seems to never be where you want it to be. While your collegiate years are shimmering with new-found independence and breathtaking moments, it’s also the time when you realize that part of becoming an adult, is making smart financial decisions. You start to learn when to say no (or yes!) to those shoes you have eyed for so long. Here are five young women who offer their tips on how to maintain a healthy relationship between you and your bank account. Q: Where are some places that you shop that would fit into an average female college student’s budget? A: For my basic pieces, I shop at affordable places: Cotton On and H&M. For fun and trendy pieces, I love checking out stores like Forever 21 because I …

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Natasha Janardan: Breaking Stereotypes in the Creative Industry

Photographer, Natasha Janardan, is quite the artist with her mellow attitude on-set which allows her models to relax and get imaginative. However, she understands the determination needed to survive this crazy and sometimes ego-driven industry. Janardan expresses in her interview with us that she educates others, specifically women, about the hardships of the creative industry. YHM: What drew you to photography and how did you get started? Natasha Janardan: I have always been interested in taking pictures. I really enjoy the way photos can look really different in camera than what people see with the naked eye. When I first started out I really enjoyed taking macro nature photography. Ever since the 5th grade I had a camera attached to my hip so I don’t really remember how I got really into photography. All I knew was that I liked how fast digital photography was and how editing can completely change the mood of the picture. YHM: What would you say is your unique touch that makes your body of work different from other photographers? …