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5 Winter Foods For Every Meal

It’s December, which means the temperature has dropped, it’s officially the holiday season, and best of all, it’s time for warming, winter recipes to test out in the kitchen. We’ve gathered a variety dishes that are a must-try on a cold, snowy day. From breakfast to appetizers to drinks, this list is guaranteed to make every meal seasonal this month! 1. Superfood Haute Chocolate by Sarah Britton, My New Roots: Take your hot chocolate game to the next level with this incredible treat. This all-raw recipe satisfies your sweet tooth and is filled with ingredients that will keep your stamina up and relieve stress. The secret ingredient is maca, a root that grows in the Andes. It’s said to stabilize moods and energy, according to the recipe. Try it out for yourself and see if it helps balance the stress of the upcoming holiday season. 2. Oat & Walnut Crunchy Granola by Sonia Raga, The Bright Bird: This granola recipe is low-effort and much better for you than commercial granola brands, which pack in the sugar and oil. Make a batch for breakfast …


Saturday Collection: Brain Food, Constellation Manicures, Snapchat’s Spectacles & More!

The holiday season is officially in swing. Whether you’re in college and cramming for finals or gearing up to make a career promotion proposal to your supervisor, we’ve got you covered to just chill out. This season is crazy enough without professional and academic stress. Go for delicious and memory boosting brain food for finals week and Hershey’s new cookie bar is sure to ease in the outcome of any career decision. Drop the emotions and take time out for yourself with a mini manicure, Snapchat’s Spectacles, and more. The Best Brain Foods It’s time to focus for those finals. The light at the end of the tunnel is finally in sight. What better way to enhance that focus than with brain food? Foods like salmon, walnuts and more will assist with your laser focus and acing your finals. National Cookie Day If you didn’t already know, National Cookie Day is on December 4. Hershey’s has rolled out a new cookie! Yes, we said it; Cookie! It’s actually a cookie bar—Cookie Layer Crunch Bars. They …


Pieces of Belmar: A Film to Inspire Gratitude for the Holidays

Imagine if this holiday season, you didn’t have your home—the place where you string up lights and decorations, pull out the tree ornaments, and enjoy delicious family dinners—to return to. Imagine if this year you spent the holidays in a motel after your family’s house was destroyed in a hurricane. In Zach Morrison’s short film, Pieces of Belmar, this picture is a reality for one family. The short film follows a young woman named Alyssa whose family has lost their home to Hurricane Sandy, the storm that ripped through New Jersey in 2012. As she journeys through her Jersey Shore town, Alyssa learns that home can hold a different meaning after tragedy strikes. Pieces of Belmar reminds us that we often forget how lucky we are to have our family, friends, and a place to come home to for the holidays. We take the little things for granted: having a Christmas tree, hanging ornaments every year, and keeping our belongings secured. Sometimes it’s only when you lose these things that you realize how much they …


Saturday Collection: Fantastic Beasts, Rihanna’s Newest Shoes, & More!

There are just a few more days until the holiday season truly sinks. Whether you’re planning a small get together with your favorite girls or kickin’ it with your favorite cousins, we’ve got you covered with delicious recipes and rules to live by. Then get started on your next Hulu or Netflix binge with some of television’s most inspiring female characters to guide you. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them A spin off from the massively popular Harry Potter series, screenwriter J.K. Rowling has done it again with a new wizard spectacular, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” It’s the opening weekend for the movie as it was released in theaters on Friday, November 18. Are you going to watch it? Tell us what you think of it below. The Most Popular Holiday Pie on Pinterest With the holidays quickly approaching so are holiday parties! What better way to celebrate than with pumpkin pie? Pinterest chose the most popular pumpkin pies for the season (and recipes). Yummy! Host an Amazing Friendsgiving Speaking of …


5 Ways Bloggers Changed the Entrepreneurial Game Forever

Typically, we think of an entrepreneur as a person who organizes and operates a business. But in the past decade, the Internet has challenged both meanings of “entrepreneurship” and “business.” With the rise of blogs, beauty, fashion, and food bloggers have turned into entrepreneurs, responsible for creating businesses out of their websites. Here are five ways digital influencers have changed the entrepreneurial game forever and how you can follow suit.


Dear Young Voters, It’s Your Future

Dear young voters, it’s your future that is on the line! It’s tough—as a student, you’re balancing fifteen or more credits, working, and planning your life after graduation. It’s not always easy to make time to prepare for each election. However, it is an important task. In fact, voting is a civic duty. Young people are known for having strong voices when it comes to opinions on social and political issues, yet they are some of the hardest people to get to the voting polls. The choice is in the people’s hands on who will oversee their government and make major decisions for the population. Electorates in all branches of government make pertinent decisions which affect young people of America: minimum wage, taxes, college tuition, health care, human rights, and new jobs. These are important issues university students—Millennials—should be focused on and concerned with. In the recent generation, statistics show that on average only half of citizens age 18-24 participate in elections, and voters of the same age make up 19% of the voter population. …