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Warmin’ Red

A new trend this Fall is steamy, inviting eyes. Who wouldn’t want to hold a captivating gaze? To achieve this look, a warm, hot color like red, may be used as eyeshadow above or below the eye to fire up that stare you’re looking for. It’s quite simple to keep from overdoing it; you can tell when it looks just right and when it starts to look a little too uh, fiery. Have fun! By Carolyn Gladd

Colder Weather, Hotter Hair

The time of year has returned when the wind is picking up and the weather is getting a little more unpredictable. At times like these, the last thing you want to have to worry about is your hair blowing every which way! So take the guessing game out of your routine and don some of these simple and posh hairstyles and headbands to keep your mane in place and your spirits high as the seasons change and the new year begins (school year, that is). It is hurricane season after all! Just remember to make it your own with some major style options! By Logan Sykes

Center of Attention

Sometimes making the decision to change your entire hairstyle can be a bit frightening. Hair grows back, yes, but not that quickly! So if you’re in need of a change but want a less definitive alteration, we suggest going with a simpler solution: changing up your part! Middle parts have been seen all over the runways and fashion spreads lately, so why not take part in such an easy yet new look for your ‘do? It’s (literally) a straightforward look that you’ll feel bold pulling off. Here are a few of our favorite examples rocking the middle part. So if you’re feeling non-committal, take a closer look at this perfect look for the new year. By Carolyn Gladd

Braid Me Up

Having a day where nothing agrees with you? Not even your hair? Instead of hastily throwing your mane in a pony tail, it’s just as easy to let it hang loose and add some small boho braids here and there! For some shine, try leaving your hair down with Moroccan oil so it replenishes itself while still staying tame. Have fun with laid-back styles like dangling shy pieces! If you know how to french braid, creating a headband is a piece of cake. Start the french braid above your forehead in a deep side part and add more hair by selecting strands across your head. Don’t know how to french braid? No worries! Start a braid from the underside of your head and braid straight down. Then pull the braid over your head and pin it back! So cute, so easy! By Carolyn Gladd

That Nude ‘Tude

It’s time for a quick Beauty Book tip. Keeping it natural is as fierce as a bold red lip. Achieving that subtle sexy look is easier than you think! A great way to bring out your eyes is to tone down the rest of your face by using a neutral shade on your lovely lips. Matte or glossy lips – no worries. When you’re ready to play up your eye makeup, try this easy trick to complement your whole look and keep from looking too made up. Go for earthy tone eyeshadows and do a smoky eye! What are some of your favorite beauty trends right now? Sound off in the comments below. By Carolyn Gladd

Tickled (bright) Pink With Colors!

A trip to the nail salon can be daunting on arrival. You walk in and they say “pick a color.” If you’re lucky there are about five people ahead of you. This gives you time go through the hundreds of shades on the wall. Okay, so you’re not so lucky on this particular visit. Panicking! Can’t pick one color? Use ’em all! It’s a simple way to be creative without tedious nail artwork. Skip the diamonds, the French mani, and all that other fun stuff. You’ll have a finger to match any outfit with this fun new trend. You can break color barriers or keep it simple with a few different shades of pink. Would you rock this new nail trend? Sound off in the comments below! By Carolyn Gladd