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Is No Makeup the New Beauty Trend?

Today many women are leaving their lip liners and mascaras at home to achieve a more natural look. Less beauty coverage on the face is becoming a trendy and appealing approach. But, that did not stop Kylie Jenner’s much-anticipated-and-pricey Lip Kit to cause an overwhelming praise to those obsessed with wearing a lipstick in a nude shade. That’s still consider a natural look right? Are young women following beauty trends by going out barefaced or is it a matter of convenience? There is no doubt it can be an easy and quick routine to rinse, lather, and be on your way in the morning, but how much effort are young women putting into a healthy glow? We asked three ladies about their beauty history and keeping things natural: Samantha, 21 I love the natural look. I’ve never been a big fan of wearing a whole bunch of makeup. Usually I wear foundation and concealer before starting my day. But I never felt like I was following a beauty trend or doing it to impress anyone. I spend most of my days going to class and …

Ballin’ On A Budget: Back-to-School Beauty Starter Kit

Whether you’ve just finished buying all your school supplies and dorm essentials or you’re just trying to get the basics for your makeup bag, buying quality beauty products shouldn’t have to be a hassle on your bank account. With the listed products below, your pockets will be thanking you! Skin Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Clear Scrub, $6-9 (Walmart): This scrub does wonders exfoliating dead skin and combating acne at the same time. There’s a reason why it was named Allure Magazine’s Editors’ Choice. Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion, $9-14 ( This lotion is committed to its advertisements. It truly moisturizes and it is great for those with sensitive skin. Ponds Clarant B3 Dark Spot Correcting Cream, $8-12 (Walmart): Within 3 weeks of use, you will see your dark spots start to disappear. This bottle is magic! You can also use it in place of your regular moisturizer because it’s just that good. There’s a cream for each skin type that will last practically a lifetime, seriously 😛! Freeman Feeling Beautiful Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress Mask, $4 …

Fifty Shades Of Gray (I Swear It’s Not What You Think!)

Whoever said gray hair is only for grannies was sadly mistaken! Some celebrities may have hopped on the gray hair trend a bit early like Sevyn Streeter, Rihanna, Pink, and Ellie Goulding. But one of our favorite models, Jourdan Dunn, has proved that gray hair is definitely in style for summer 2015, when she previewed her newly colored hair for Coachella on her Instagram account. Here are four ways to dye your hair gray without resembling Cruella De Vil (yikes!) Silver Hair Goddess Add Some Pastel The Good Old Ombre Go for a Bolder and Darker look No matter how you choose to do it, gray hair is here to stay for a while. You can wear it short, long, straight, curly, braided or twisted up, bantu knot it, whatever suits your style. To help out with the dyeing process, Refinery29 made a how-to guide on going gray. Go check it out! Now that you can stylishly twin it with granny this summer, check out the different styles and share your favorite in the comments below! By Sherdrain Johnson …

ItsMyRayeRaye; Genuinely Stylish

Our generation has a massive love for sharing our creativity online, and Raye Boyce from the popular YouTube beauty vlog ItsMyRayeRaye shows us the path to success and staying humble. With over 540,000 subscribers, Raye has captured the hearts of die-hard makeup fanatics to your everyday gals. She recently collaborated with Blogger Box Beauty, for anyone who wants to rock the perfect ItsMyRayeRaye look. With this collaboration, you can grab it next season or style things up with the Jordan Lip Pencil, which Raye gushes is her favorite application in the box. “It’s so cool because unlike other boxes, there is no subscription service,” brags Raye. After sharing and collecting some of her favorite beauty tips on Tumblr, she was encouraged by her followers to begin vlogging. As a fresh face and dynamically trendsetting businesswoman, Raye strived to chat up affordable makeup products and easy access to all her fans. “I first started [to post] random videos with no schedule. I just winged it,” she said. Quickly garnering attention from companies and being recognized on the busy streets of …

Let’s Get Shady

If you’re like us, you paint your nails to match your mood. Forget what the newsstands have to say about the latest beauty trends. Just kidding! Paint. Remove. Decorate and repeat. Match your nails to fall trends and your mood every day of the week. Jezebel: Maroon is the mature yet totally cool hue. Lemon 60:  Yellow is for anyone who is not ready to break from the summer sun. Blow-up: Are you feeling quirky and spontaneous? #classicfallcolor Camp: We never thought we’d want to style it up in green. RGB’s muted olive hue has changed our minds! Rogue 999: The sassy and sexy, notice me feel. Perfect for date night. Damsel In A Dress: Feeling dark and playful? Well this shiny deep purple is sure to solve that! Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot: For the girly-girl in you this season! By Heidi Matthews

You Glow Girl; Get Sun-kissed Skin in Time for Spring

With spring arriving just around the corner, it’s time to try out some of the season’s hottest makeup trends. Some of our favorite trends include soft berry lips, bright orange-red lipstick and sun-kissed, glowing skin. To create a healthy glow from within, brush a little bit of bronzer to the hollow of your cheeks and around your face in a “3” shape. Bronzer brings warmth to your face and immediately awakens dull looking skin. Sometimes we need a little help during the winter months considering the sun likes to make special appearances. If you’re looking for an affordable bronzer from the drugstore, try the e.l.f Studio Bronzer, $3 or Milani Baked Bronzer Press Powder, $8.49. If you want something a little higher end, go for the NARS Matte Multiple in Vientiane, $39. By Sarah Jaihe Lee