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Kiss & Wear: An Accessory Secret Worth Sharing

Is it too early to start talking about holiday gifts? Maybe! A little birdie sent us the scoop on the delicate yet trendy jewels from Kiss & Wear. After launching in fall 2015 the brand caters to its name with a signature lip positioned across its necklaces, bracelets, and iPhone cases. We can’t help but reminisce to graffiti buildings and subway rides of the 80’s with the Brooklyn necklace. The 14k yellow gold-plated frame hugs the heavily printed pendant to give it a subtle feel. Pair this chain with your favorite denim getup for a pop of color and cool. While it might be too early for gift shopping, it’s not too late for us to look back on warmer days. The west coast brand indulges our summer calling with its palm tree La Jolla studs. The 18k yellow gold-plated minimalistic design is the perfect break from traditional circular and gem studs. And speaking of tropical inspiration, the Aloha iPhone case is a dead ringer—yes I said it—for summer getaways. So if you’re on the lookout …

Vivienne Hu Spring/Summer 2017 NYFW Runway Show

Vivienne Hu Spring/Summer 2017: For the Confident and Sexy Woman

New York-based designer, Vivienne Hu, opened her fifth New York Fashion Week show with an upbeat pop melody from live performers. Soft ruffles, masculine silhouettes, and an array of prints and textures drifted down the runway for Hu’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. Her line paid tribute to New Yorkers after the 9/11 attacks with her color palette taking on the hues of the Tribute in Light photo, the “two light beams illuminating the Manhattan skyline.” Hu played with minimal fabrics – only showcasing a delicate approach to spring style with sheer, lace, and silk textiles. While her selection of fabrics was narrow, Hu’s prints, color scheme, and texture made for a wild assortment. We asked the designer who is a ‘Vivienne Hu’ woman and she replied a “woman who knows that fashion is a powerful weapon.” The military green and masculine silhouettes that flaunted the runway also put a spotlight on Hu’s mention of ‘confident’ and ‘sexy’ women are who she sees wearing her pieces. Hu’s SS17 lineup truly gives the modern woman a great number of choices …


Homme Style: Marcel Floruss of One Dapper Street

There is a charming and magnetic pull for a man who is well-tailored. Just like men, women love to do a double take, especially for a super attractive gentleman walking by. This week our attention is on Marcel Dominik Floruss, a 24-year-old German native heartthrob sharing his thoughts on fashion and relationships. The recently single and stylish gent behind One Dapper Street is an easy going guy who nods to music, meditation, and Netflix for a relaxing time. YHM: Do you have any hidden talents? MDF: Hopefully not so hidden anymore in the very near future, but I used to be a professional dancer ranging from ballet to hip-hop with a focus on the latter. I am hoping to bring more of that back and present fashion that way! YHM: What’s your social media obsession? MDF: I am a serious meme addict. I think I follow about twenty different meme accounts and regularly catch up on the latest posts. YHM: Do you have a favorite love song or romantic movie? MDF: Okay, ultra-cheesy, but I actually …


Blogger & the Brand; A How-To Guide for Success

In a world where lighting is everything and #bossbabe has become a slogan for successful women, there is clearly an overwhelming magnet for perfection like never before. Although I would like to strive for perfection, rainy nights, New York Fashion Week and the MTA train system don’t exactly mix well together. Stepping off the platform in the West Village and into the sleek ambiance of SUSHISAMBA, an upscale restaurant that serves a blend of Japanese and Brazilian cuisine, was every blogger’s dream networking event. Marcus Campbell, the founder of Ombre Digital, a fashion marketing agency, greeted me to the company’s first Blogger and the Brand showcase. The event’s line-up consisted of some major networking opportunities for influencers to get face time with brands which in a nutshell equals possible profit for both parties. Dishing out advice and a helpful roadmap towards success were panelists Christina Ferrari, Christine Bibbo Herr of NYC Pretty, and Kim Westwood of Shopping Links. Campbell took some time to guide us through his company’s first blogger event and what to expect …


Viktoriya Sener: How to Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Viktoriya Sener’s lifestyle is all fashion from her blog Tie Bow-Tie to doubling as a photographer and social media specialist throughout the week. “If you truly have a passion for something, it’s not that boring kind of work anymore. You’re in the process 24 hours,” Sener explains. Originally from the Ukraine, the colorful and confident blogger calls Istanbul, Turkey home and shares with us how she found confidence by taking risks. YHM: What has traveling to and living in different countries taught you about yourself and the world? Viktoriya Sener: Well, let’s say there are no bad nations. There are good and not so good people anywhere in the world. Living in different cultures brings unforgettable experiences and teaches you how to be more patient towards each other. YHM: How does someone with a Masters in Finance Management end up in the fashion industry? VS: It actually helps very much with my blog, if you treat it like a business, such education is a godsend. When I moved to Istanbul, I had a lot of …


Eda Semana; The California, Leather-and-Denim-loving, Grungy Hippie.

We are California dreaming with one of our favorite new style influencers. Eda Semana, of Luxe & Linen, began her college career like so many young people – full of hope, but conflicted about the right path to take to be successful. She revealed that her grades suffered while pursuing a major she found no joy in. However, her quirky meets chic blog helped her redeem her creative roots. “My most memorable moment [in fashion] was when I attended my first show for MBFW at the Lincoln Center in New York City. I walked in in complete awe admiring the entire venue and found myself surrounded by so many like-minded and inspiring people. From then on, I knew that this industry and this world was where I wanted to be,” explains Semana. We dug a little deeper to get to know this West Coast babe after frequently obsessing over her Instagram feed. YHM: What is one of your most memorable fashion try? What would you change? ES: In high school, everyone has their own style phases: …