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Anndra Neen: Modern Jewelry for the Next Generation

Most people can describe in detail their “aha moment” of finally discovering what it is they want to pursue in life. Sometimes a simple moment from their childhood is the exact instruction or motivation they need to take on the world. Annette and Phoebe Stephens are on a nostalgic journey—following in the creative and stylish footsteps of their father and grandmother—Annette and Phoebe launched Anndra Neen, an haute accessory line in April 2009. Their collection has become a serious game-changer for heirloom jewelry and wearable-tech. After traveling to Japan in 2009, Annette and Phoebe were inspired by the country’s sensibility and storytelling in style and culture. They immediately began fulfilling their artistic calling in jewelry design after this trip. “It chose us. It happened so organically. We knew we wanted to do creative work and be in fashion,” Annette said. Once they returned home to Mexico City, Mexico, the sisters connected with local artisans who shared their vision of designing organically. Anndra Neen is a culturally diverse brand. The sisters draw inspiration from their artistic …


Tanesha Awasthi: A Girl With Curves, Positive Vibes, & Style

Tanesha Awasthi; if that name doesn’t ring a bell, then you’re clearly missing out on major style trends and some serious body-positive-attitude! Awasthi is a dominant force in the influencer realm with Old Navy,, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue in her top ranking of press time. She has gained quite the popularity since her blog, formerly known as Girl With Curves, was conceptualized in 2011, but the full-time mommy, wife, and entrepreneur has her super supportive husband, Dave Awasthi, and fan base to thank for her success which she counts as a brave move. “I think sharing who I am and sharing my life online with strangers is fearless, especially considering the person I used to be, painfully shy and insecure about my body, my height, big feet, the list goes on.” Awasthi breaks down her journey, most memorable moments – thus far, and her next chapter in life. YHM: How did you make the transition from a tech-savvy woman to a style influencer? TA: My husband suggested I start the blog back in 2011 when …


Toni & Katrina of Under The Sweater Talk Goals, Blogging & Feminism

Throughout the years, I’ve learned that women supporting other women is one of the greatest things to ever occur. When we go through adolescence, we see girls fighting each other rather than standing next to each other. As we get older and grow more confident with ourselves, we realize that pitting ourselves against other women is a waste of time and energy. With March being Women’s History Month, I hope we can appreciate and value ourselves and also the friendships we’ve made with other women. Don’t pay attention to those glossy magazines that say only one actress can look good in a designer dress. And forget about the “Squad goals”, which ultimately exclude others. It’s 2016 and I say it’s time we join forces with one another. That should be the ultimate goal. On that same note, we’re happy to introduce two amazing women, Toni Esteban and Katrina Bartolome. They are co-founders and writers of the blog, Under The Sweater. They were happy to speak about women’s issues, share their goals, and describe their ideal …


The Fashion Guitar: Real Talk with Charlotte Groeneveld

We love a candid talk here at YHM and Charlotte Groeneveld of the popular travel and style blog, The Fashion Guitar, opens up about her ever budding business and the “real-factor” of being a social influencer. Since 2010, Groeneveld has digitally captured her lifestyle and her 485k+ social followers have taken a personal ride with the blogger turned fashion designer and so much more. Her Donsje Amsterdam and Fab. By Fabienne fashion collections are just two of the many highlights Groeneveld has shared with us all. She admits the design world was not for her, but doesn’t rule it out completely. What’s her dream collaboration? “I’m living my dream right now!” YHM Magazine: You’re originally from The Netherlands, but you lived in other major fashion areas. What are some of the fashion differences of living in New York City and London versus back home? Charlotte Groeneveld: Biggest difference is that in London and New York fashion actually lives. People do dress in the latest collections, and there are more fashionable women out there than I …


Cindy Nguyen; 13 Internships & Counting

There is a buzz on 45th Street in Midtown, New York as tourists and New Yorkers claim the last few weeks of warm breeze, before autumn fully sinks in. They mingle about the street fair, gravitating towards colorful hand-woven baskets and the smoky aroma of freshly grilled corn on the cob. Making her way through the crowded tourist attraction is 20-year-old Cindy Nguyen, who has managed to accumulate thirteen plus internships before starting her junior year at Pace University. We settled down and decided to skip the cafe’s menu, and started chatting about her glamorous resume accomplishments since we met two years ago. Cindy is now a Public Relations intern at Valentino, one of the most quintessential fashion houses she has been blessed to walk the halls of. There is no subtlety about her love for branding and confidence to set herself a part from her peers. This charm was perfected while peeking out from the back rooms of Watertown Tanning, her parent’s beauty salon. Subsequently, ending her intern turned freelancer position at Christian Louboutin, Cindy …


Manda Unchained

Taking a chance and making a change in life does not always come easy. There are the finical aspects of it as well as the psychological aspects, but California native Amanda Tjan has been able to conquer that and more. Tjan attended Boston College and while there studied abroad in Madrid. “ I fell in love with the city,” she said. “ I wanted to come back.” And after graduating in 2011, that’s exactly what she did. She moved to Madrid to teach English and continued to fall in love with the city. “ With the city, and not a boy,” she clarified. Always a fan of fashion, Tjan noticed, “in Madrid- and Spain in general- they’re about 2 years behind as far as fashion goes and there’s not a lot of variation.” So she took it upon herself to change that and start her own jewelry line: Manda Unchained. Ava necklace “Manda in Spanish is the command form for the word to demand. The idea of Manda Unchained is to demand what you want, …