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Kiss & Wear: An Accessory Secret Worth Sharing

Is it too early to start talking about holiday gifts? Maybe! A little birdie sent us the scoop on the delicate yet trendy jewels from Kiss & Wear. After launching in fall 2015 the brand caters to its name with a signature lip positioned across its necklaces, bracelets, and iPhone cases. We can’t help but reminisce to graffiti buildings and subway rides of the 80’s with the Brooklyn necklace. The 14k yellow gold-plated frame hugs the heavily printed pendant to give it a subtle feel. Pair this chain with your favorite denim getup for a pop of color and cool. While it might be too early for gift shopping, it’s not too late for us to look back on warmer days. The west coast brand indulges our summer calling with its palm tree La Jolla studs. The 18k yellow gold-plated minimalistic design is the perfect break from traditional circular and gem studs. And speaking of tropical inspiration, the Aloha iPhone case is a dead ringer—yes I said it—for summer getaways. So if you’re on the lookout …


A Styled Mind: Relaxed Autumn Vibes

New York City is a place where high fashion can turn into a buzzing street style trend in a minute. Our 2016 Blogger Look Book featured some of this fall’s most talked about trends: slip dresses, bomber jackets, a touch of velvet, metallic accents, sleek tops, and reconstructed jeans. It’s time to wrap up our feature with Ashley Weddington, an admirer of all things fashion, hence why she’s the face of A Styled Mind. Weddington’s focus on ASM is to showcase “different ways to put ensembles together while staying on trend all year round.” In our look book, Weddington’s outfit features a low cut, split-neck blouse with a tie-front. The blouse is black and geometrically patterned in orange and green hues. The burnt sienna and olive tones affirm the vibe of the season. She pairs the blouse with a pair of relaxed fit cropped denim cut-offs. The frayed ends at the bottom of the legs give the outfit a worn-in feel. On her feet, Weddington sports a pair of black strapped heels. Finally, she accessorizes with …


Stylophyle: A Little Edgy & A Little Sporty

Stylophile- n. A person who likes to dress up and seems to have a different outfit for every occasion. v. To dress up in fancy clothes whenever you go out because you don’t know who you’re going to meet, and you don’t want to get dressed down. Influenced by fashion, art, culture, and beauty around the world, Sabrina Poon describes herself as just that—a stylophile. Except, she stylized it into Stylophyle. Poon is a New York City-based blogger who loves traveling, food, fashion, and repeat! With beauty and brains, Poon’s full-time job isn’t a style consultant, but a neurology nurse. Surely she did not don scrubs for our fall look book; but instead, a pair of mesh drawstring pants and a light blue button down. Right now is the time when every cool girl (and guy) in NYC grabs their leather biker jacket and runs outside. The demure vibes in Poon’s look totally lets the biker jacket off the hook, but for added coolness—don’t hesitate grabbing it! She finishes up with pointy black leather heels, a black fringe bag, and sunglasses. Her ever-changing …

Photo by Erica Livoti

Deepica Mutyala: How a Red Lipstick Launched a Career

We all know lipsticks can change moods, but who knew it could be the start of a new career? That’s how it all began for beauty vlogger and on-air beauty expert, Deepica Mutyala. Growing up in Texas to a family married to the medical industry, Mutyala pursued her passion in the beauty industry. Attending the business school at the University of Texas, Mutyala majored in marketing to help her gain insight into pursuing this as a career path into beauty. With an internship at L’Oreal USA under her belt, a move to New York City, and finally a job at Birchbox, it wasn’t all rainbow and sprinkles in her journey but she made her dreams a reality. Her YouTube video on “How to Cover Dark Under Eye Circles” using red lipstick created a new beauty (and life) hack for those struggling with discoloration of any sort. It seems as though overnight Mutyala was reaching millions of viewers each and every day teaching them about current beauty trends and other beauty hacks through various media outlets, …


La Selma Style: Chic, Bold, & Sophisticated

“Chic, bold, and sophisticated,” this is how Selma Ali of La Selma Style describes her personal style. In YHM’s Fall 2016 Look Book, Ali sports a simple white V-neck tee. She compensates by directing all the attention to her dazzling metallic skirt, which goes well below her knees for cooler weather. On her feet, Ali rocks a pair of fluorescent yellow t-strapped, bow heels. She accessorizes with aviator shades, a large black clutch, and a silver triple-collar necklace which matches with her skirt perfectly. While autumn is all about deep, dark transitional colors–Ali puts a pleasant twist on the norm with her bold heels. Easily recreated, you can purchase a plain white V-neck tee just about anywhere, and your own long metallic skirt at stores like American Apparel and H&M. You can even swap the yellow heels with a different fluorescent color, like these. By Sunny Tsao | Photography by Nicholas Perrone


Simply Audree Kate: Earthed Denim

New York City-based blogger, Audree Kate, otherwise known as Simply Audree Kate, dresses up for our Fall 2016 Look Book! Audree’s sun-kissed highlights and contagious smile are  just two of the reasons she’s featured in this year’s summer to fall style transition. The budding stylist’s unique take on her personal style is the third. “A mix between your grandmother’s vintage floral couch and a rock concert. It’s feminine yet edgy, and has a vintage twist,” mentions Audree. She paired her classic denim jacket with a long sleeve pinstripe button down. The sleeves of the button down are rolled over to the cuffs of the denim jacket, giving the look an urban flare and seriousness while still being laid back. The tiered and velvet skirt is the perfect shade for fall: olive green. The subtle hue blends with all the colors that come with autumn. She doesn’t let the earth tones stop there; Audree dons a pair of cognac colored mules. She finishes her outfit off with sunglasses and a dazzling gold statement necklace. We’ve got three more look book features to add …