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12 Summer Nail Trends You’ll Love

If you’re like us, you’re still going crazy over a good #ManicureMonday post on Instagram. Guess what? It’s never too late to get prim and proper nails for your summer outings. Stop playing catch up and try one of these summer trends for your next brunch date or island getaway. First up, the shimmer and metallic trend. Rock one of these edgy yet subtle hues for a kickass punch to a chill pool party. Marc Jacobs’s Le Charm has a high-shine rose copper finish that people can’t help but compliment. Keep things classic with warm and feminine tones like NARS’ Trouville polish. This lacquer could not scream ‘perfect baby pink’ any louder. Need a break from all the tropical hues? Dive into a cool and mellow effect with Essie’s lilac wonder polish ‘Full Steam Ahead’ or OPI’s cloud blue polish. What’s your favorite summer beauty trend so far?   By Leslie Tanner | Illustration: YHM Magazine Archive; Product Photo: Brand/Company’s Photo


Homme Style: Marcel Floruss of One Dapper Street

There is a charming and magnetic pull for a man who is well-tailored. Just like men, women love to do a double take, especially for a super attractive gentleman walking by. This week our attention is on Marcel Dominik Floruss, a 24-year-old German native heartthrob sharing his thoughts on fashion and relationships. The recently single and stylish gent behind One Dapper Street is an easy going guy who nods to music, meditation, and Netflix for a relaxing time. YHM: Do you have any hidden talents? MDF: Hopefully not so hidden anymore in the very near future, but I used to be a professional dancer ranging from ballet to hip-hop with a focus on the latter. I am hoping to bring more of that back and present fashion that way! YHM: What’s your social media obsession? MDF: I am a serious meme addict. I think I follow about twenty different meme accounts and regularly catch up on the latest posts. YHM: Do you have a favorite love song or romantic movie? MDF: Okay, ultra-cheesy, but I actually …


Style Stalking: 5 Must-Try Pieces for Spring

Our computer screens were totally frozen on Mai Nguyen’s chic NYFW dress-up with Lynn Kim Do of Neckbreakin’ Style. You already know how obsessed we are with both ladies from our past features on them, but we had to show-off these amazing and very spring forward looks for The Closet—previously titled Weekly Wear. We cooled down their looks for spring time breeze with linen and cotton fabrics and brightened up the sets with warmer hues. Our five must-try trends for spring are bralettes, maxi skirts, bold or nude lips, florals, and sheer—anything! Nguyen’s botanical floor-length skirt and V-neck bralette is perfect if you’re going for an edgy meets girly look! Do’s airy polka dot shirtdress and sneakers are spot on athleisure pieces that not only follows the trends but keeps you totally causal and comfortable. By Leslie Tanner | Photos: Nguyen and Do, Travis Chambers | Products, Brand Photo


Tanesha Awasthi: A Girl With Curves, Positive Vibes, & Style

Tanesha Awasthi; if that name doesn’t ring a bell, then you’re clearly missing out on major style trends and some serious body-positive-attitude! Awasthi is a dominant force in the influencer realm with Old Navy,, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue in her top ranking of press time. She has gained quite the popularity since her blog, formerly known as Girl With Curves, was conceptualized in 2011, but the full-time mommy, wife, and entrepreneur has her super supportive husband, Dave Awasthi, and fan base to thank for her success which she counts as a brave move. “I think sharing who I am and sharing my life online with strangers is fearless, especially considering the person I used to be, painfully shy and insecure about my body, my height, big feet, the list goes on.” Awasthi breaks down her journey, most memorable moments – thus far, and her next chapter in life. YHM: How did you make the transition from a tech-savvy woman to a style influencer? TA: My husband suggested I start the blog back in 2011 when …


Blogger & the Brand; A How-To Guide for Success

In a world where lighting is everything and #bossbabe has become a slogan for successful women, there is clearly an overwhelming magnet for perfection like never before. Although I would like to strive for perfection, rainy nights, New York Fashion Week and the MTA train system don’t exactly mix well together. Stepping off the platform in the West Village and into the sleek ambiance of SUSHISAMBA, an upscale restaurant that serves a blend of Japanese and Brazilian cuisine, was every blogger’s dream networking event. Marcus Campbell, the founder of Ombre Digital, a fashion marketing agency, greeted me to the company’s first Blogger and the Brand showcase. The event’s line-up consisted of some major networking opportunities for influencers to get face time with brands which in a nutshell equals possible profit for both parties. Dishing out advice and a helpful roadmap towards success were panelists Christina Ferrari, Christine Bibbo Herr of NYC Pretty, and Kim Westwood of Shopping Links. Campbell took some time to guide us through his company’s first blogger event and what to expect …


Toni & Katrina of Under The Sweater Talk Goals, Blogging & Feminism

Throughout the years, I’ve learned that women supporting other women is one of the greatest things to ever occur. When we go through adolescence, we see girls fighting each other rather than standing next to each other. As we get older and grow more confident with ourselves, we realize that pitting ourselves against other women is a waste of time and energy. With March being Women’s History Month, I hope we can appreciate and value ourselves and also the friendships we’ve made with other women. Don’t pay attention to those glossy magazines that say only one actress can look good in a designer dress. And forget about the “Squad goals”, which ultimately exclude others. It’s 2016 and I say it’s time we join forces with one another. That should be the ultimate goal. On that same note, we’re happy to introduce two amazing women, Toni Esteban and Katrina Bartolome. They are co-founders and writers of the blog, Under The Sweater. They were happy to speak about women’s issues, share their goals, and describe their ideal …