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A letter from the editor.

Editor’s Letter

Summer 2017 | Hey Mod Girls! The last few weeks of spring has been a whirlwind of life changes for me: hospital visits, exciting yet challenging changes in my 9-to-5, relocation to a gorgeous new place to call home, and the list goes on. However, I’ve been running. Running away from as many tasks as I can. It’s exhausting—the running away part. I’m passionate about doing only the things that make me happy, unfortunately, #adulting does not allow for that. As my responsibilities and tasks increased, some with warning others without, I began to do a little of everything instead of focusing on a few. Of course spring is notably time for a change, but my mind and heart is set for rejuvenation of summer days—clearly, I’m still running, but #adulting is hard. I’m ready for a break! I was recently asked what my plans are for the summer, sadly I had no answer. Although I’m not off to an exotic vacay, I do plan to have fun this summer and truly fine tune the goal …