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A letter from the editor.

Editor’s Letter

Summer 2018 | #YHMTravels It’s hard to put into words the life-changing experience I had this past spring. I’m always thinking of the next “big thing” for the magazine, but sometimes life happens, and I can’t make the next “big thing” happen. Of course, I face obstacles rising entrepreneurs can nod to such as having a small team or having limited access to much-needed resources. This past spring it wasn’t about my team or what we lacked; it was about my health. After suffering from on-and-off headaches for a few nights, I decided to look into my issue only to learn I was suffering from cluster headaches. It was a relief to know what was going on, but I was still terrified of the whole situation. Please take a moment to learn more about cluster headaches if you don’t know what they are. After my diagnosis, I was on the road to “recovery,” that’s when all the next “big things” for YHM came creeping into my relaxing moments of headache-free days, weeks and now months! We didn’t …