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Why is it not good to prejudge others?

Malaika Carver, Washington

When you prejudge a person, you are robbing them of who they are. It is easy to look at someone and make little sticky notes to yourself based off of what they are wearing or the color of their skin to conclude that they are not worthy, smart, American, or even human. How could you possibly know any of that by the appearance of someone?

The reality is that we are all trying to survive and make life count on this planet. We have spent way too many years generalizing, judging, fighting, and breaking people down over race, income, ethnicity, culture, or language barriers, and where has it gotten us?

Malaika Carver – Courtesy Photo

A broken criminal-justice system that holds 60 percent of people of color incarcerated, records of discrimination towards Arabs or the “Orient” since September 11th, laws in states making it okay to racially profile people of Latino descent to prove if they are American or not, and the biggest gap between the wealthy and poor in this country than ever before.

Now is the time to change how we view others and the way we talk about others. Now is the time to educate, empower, and stand with someone that looks different than you, or seems to be less privileged than your family. Now is the time to fill our words and thoughts with love so that the next generation has a new solid paradigm to go off of.

By Le’Ecia Farmer

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