First Listen: Hear Ed Sheeran SING!

Flame-haired British singer, Ed Sheeran, recently released a new single from his upcoming sophomore album “X” (read as multiply).

The single titled “Sing” shows a different and sexier side of Sheeran. Teaming up with Pharrell Williams, the song is less acoustic and more funk.

Sheeran even raps a bit on the track! Plus his falsetto gives Justin Timberlake a run for his money!

Here are some of the lyrics from the hit.

“I need you darling, come on set the tone/ If you feel you’re fallin’, won’t you let me know/ Oh oh oh/ If you love me, come on get involved/ Feel it rush in through you from your head to toe,”

Sheeran hit it big with his debut album “+” and the Grammy-nominated song “A Team.” Most of Sheeran’s songs are soft, romantic, and dish about falling in love.

Sheeran’s album will be released June 23rd! Check out the full audio version of “Sing” in the meantime!

By Ashley DeLuce

YHM Editors

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