When I Was Younger vs. Now #1

Holly White, 20

Holly White, better known as DJ Prez, isn’t just nice on the ones and twos, but she also has a style that’s to die for. Her wardrobe reflects true old school hip-hop edge. White says fashion has been a true pandemonium in her life in the sense that it compliments her persona as a DJ. As a child she went through a phase where she wanted to dress like her mother and sisters, but by the tender age of eight she realized that she was different.

Her style has evolved as she became older and she touched on a few trendsetting items that influenced her style throughout her teenage years. As a high school student she experienced the re-attack of the 80’s. Gold rope chains and Nike dunks helped mold her style. White believes that she is a trendsetting individual from the way she dresses to the phrases that she says.

The key component that makes her such a leader in the fashion world is her fierce confidence. She doesn’t care what’s hot this season. She is fine just being herself.

By Lisa Green | Photo: Jens Johnsson/Illustration: YHM Magazine Archive

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