Versatility Saves the Day in Girl World

Versatility — How is this term viewed in the fashion world? For College of Southern Nevada business student Jacqui Manabat, style inspiration comes in the form of the urban, street style of men’s fashion with a focus on its comfortable and sporty aesthetic.

“Versatility is my favorite word. If someone wants to go for a certain look, I say go for it! It doesn’t matter what others think, really. I strongly encourage a versatile wardrobe. It keeps things fresh and fun,” Manabat said.

Women have proven their role in a man’s world for ages. In terms of fashion, sometimes a woman can rock men’s wear better than most men. As a tomboy growing up, Manabat always had a knack for choosing the perfect outfits that made her feel like one of the guys.

“My go-to outfit for summer would have to be a 5 panel strap-back hat, a loose fitting top or sports jersey, shorts, a flannel around my waist, and my black high-top converse,” Manabat mentions.

Jacqui Manabat – Courtesy Photo

Some of us are afraid to be daring and stay with one look, while others are brave enough to take risks and try something new. Watching people such as Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell and Miley Cyrus taught Manabat women’s fashion trends that are both fun and simple.

“My ideal girly girl outfit would be a cute crop top and nice skinny high-waist pants or shorts with some black combat boots.”

I think Kelly Kapowski’s crop tops and high waisted bottoms are timeless and trendy!

Whether she is caught wearing a baggy men’s graphic t-shirt or a sexy, hot ensemble, like Jacqui, every girl should do it with confidence! For every girl that wakes up in the morning and contemplates an outfit to wear for the day, whatever that outfit may be, bring it to life!

By Jannel Therese Varona

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