If you’re like us, you paint your nails to match your mood. Forget what the newsstands have to say about the latest beauty trends. Just kidding!

Paint. Remove. Decorate and repeat. Match your nails to fall trends and your mood every day of the week.

nail polish shades
‘Jezebel’ by Marc Jacobs; ‘Lemon 60’ by Dolce & Gabbana Beauty; ‘Blow-up’ by Nars

Jezebel: Maroon is the mature yet totally cool hue.

Lemon 60:  Yellow is for anyone who is not ready to break from the summer sun.

Blow-up: Are you feeling quirky and spontaneous? #classicfallcolor

nail polish hues
Camp by RGB; Rogue 999 by Dior; Damsel In A Dress by Essie; Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot by OPI

Camp: We never thought we’d want to style it up in green. RGB’s muted olive hue has changed our minds!

Rogue 999: The sassy and sexy, notice me feel. Perfect for date night.

Damsel In A Dress: Feeling dark and playful? Well this shiny deep purple is sure to solve that!

Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot: For the girly-girl in you this season!

By Heidi Matthews

YHM Editors

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