Having a day where nothing agrees with you? Not even your hair? Instead of hastily throwing your mane in a pony tail, it’s just as easy to let it hang loose and add some small boho braids here and there! For some shine, try leaving your hair down with Moroccan oil so it replenishes itself while still staying tame. Have fun with laid-back styles like dangling shy pieces!

If you know how to french braid, creating a headband is a piece of cake. Start the french braid above your forehead in a deep side part and add more hair by selecting strands across your head.

Don’t know how to french braid? No worries! Start a braid from the underside of your head and braid straight down. Then pull the braid over your head and pin it back! So cute, so easy!

By Carolyn Gladd

YHM Editors

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